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If you are keen to join the Angel Broking Partnership model. In that case, you must be aware of the Angel Broking Sub Broker Deposit since this initial amount is mandatory to be made before starting the partnership functions. 

Angel Broking Sub Broker Deposit is the initial security deposit that a person, willing to be a partner or Sub Broker with them, has to make. 

This initial security deposit is completely refundable in nature, so once the contract is terminated or expired, this payment is automatically deposited in the Sub-Broker’s account.

Angel Broking Sub Broker Charges

In the Indian financial sector, there is a well-established concept of making a specific deposit or security amount by the Sub Broker or Partner with the chief operating Stockbroker. 

Similarly, some Angel Broking Sub Broker charges are primary to make, allowing a Sub Broker to carry out the business functions committed during the tenure. 

Angel Broking Sub Broker deposit differs from one partnership or brokership model to another. And also on other different factors such as geographical area, client base, deliverables, and a lot more. 

Angel Broking Sub Broker charges range between ₹10000 to ₹3 lakh as said earlier, and it depends on certain important factors. 

This initial amount is mandatory to be made by each Sub Broker or person willing to join Angel Broking Sub Broker model. 

Having said that, there are multiple Angel Broking sub broker plans you must be aware of before making a decision.

Angel Broking Sub Broker Deposit For An Infrastructure 

Apart from this, another category in which a Sub Broker has to make an investment is the infrastructure. 

Infrastructure refers to the workspace required to set-up to assist clients and includes hiring staff that will attend to the demat account holders’ queries and doubts.

This infrastructure cost majorly depends on your budget, workspace area, city or town, etc. 

As the Sub Broker of one of the leading stockbrokers, Angel Broking expects you to be well-equipped with a decent infrastructure with the final goal of having a spacious workstation, strong internet speed, decent locality, regular phone, and internet connectivity, etc. to run a smooth business. 

Angel Broking Sub Broker program can be categorized into three different types

  1. Authorized Person
  2. Master Franchise 
  3. Angel Broking Remisier 

Authorized Persons are similar to Sub-Brokers, and they help Angel Broking customers open a new account or clear their doubts. 

Angel Broking Sub Broker deposit to be made as an Authorised Person is relatively low as compared to other categories. But along with this low deposit, he will also receive a low commission.


Master Franchise is different from other Angel Broking Sub Broker programs as it offers a lucrative commission of around 80%, which is never given by any other Broker. 

However, a significant deposit is required in this category as one has to make the initial security deposit, set-up a work office, hire staff, and offer other mandatory amendments. 

And, if you choose to be a Remisier, then an affordable amount will be required to pay, which varies from ₹10,000 to ₹25,000

Also, if you have any query regarding deposits, you can contact at Angel Broking Sub Broker Contact Number

Closing Thoughts

Being a full-service stockbroker in the Indian financial Angel Broking emerges with various excellent opportunities for its clients as well as its partners.

It offers three distinctive Sub Broker categories to the people willing to be their partners- Authorised Person, Master Franchise, and Remisier.

To be an Angel Broking partner or opt for its Sub Broker program, you can choose one from their programs and proceed with the registration of the Angel Broking Sub Broker process.

For Angel Broking sub broker registration , one must fulfill their requirements and must submit the Angel Broking Sub Broker deposit amount.

Angel Broking Sub Broker deposit value is different for each category, and one must pay the amount in advance as a security to the Angel Broking.

Further, the security deposit is usually refundable in nature, and one can receive the amount after the contract expires or terminates.

Although there are a few Sub Broker categories that require a partner to make a huge security deposit, however, the commission offered to them by Angel Broking is surprisingly high.

Hence, it is clear as crystal that to undergo the partnership program; one must have sufficient Angel Broking Sub Broker deposit amount in his wallet.

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