Is Angel Broking Safe?

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Is Angel Broking safe, is that one of the questions that hit your head before your open demat account with this stockbroker?

Well, you are not alone. Most of the potential traders and investors have similar questions in their mind when they look to start investing in the stock market, through any broker.

There are more than 300 registered stockbrokers in India each offering a set of values to their potential clients. Some clients look for trading platforms, some for low brokerage, few for quick customer service and so on.

However, when it comes to the ‘Trust‘ factor, the majority of the clients would want to have that as one of the top priorities.

In this quick review, we will look at some of the data around Angel Broking and see whether we can validate on the premise that “Is Angel Broking Safe”.

Apart from that, we will have a look at some of the other prominent queries you may have about this stockbroker.

Angel Broking Is Good or Bad?

So how do you figure out whether the stockbroker is trustable or not?

Well, there are various factors that you can actually check first before opening a demat account and putting in your hard-earned money in it. Here are those listed:

  • Number of active clients with the broker
  • When was the broking company established?
  • Complaint percentage
  • Management experience and background of the company
  • Performance of trading platforms offered

There could be few other factors you may look at, however, the above-mentioned aspects cover the majority of the primary areas you must keep an eye on.

Coming to the point that Is Angel Broking Safe for your share market investments or not, let’s pass the stockbroker through these areas and see how the broker fares.

Angel Broking Active Clients

If we see the list of the stockbrokers in India in terms of active clients, Angel Broking easily falls among the Top 10 stockbrokers (#6 to be precise).

Figuratively speaking, here is a quick look at Angel Broking’s active client base in the last few years along with information on its market share and the corresponding complaint percentage from the trading community:


From the table above, it can be concluded that Angel Broking has been pretty active in terms of client acquisition.

Although there has been a tad slide recently, still the number of active clients in excess of 4.32 Lakh easily puts them among the top names within the stockbroking space in India.

Thus, without a doubt, the broker gets a green tick on this aspect.

Is Angel Broking Registered With SEBI?

Another concern raised by a lot of traders is whether the stockbroker they are talking to is registered with SEBI or not.

For readers who don’t know, SEBI is the Securities and Exchange Board of India and regulates the functioning and operations of the Indian Stock market,

As far as Angel Broking’s registration with SEBI is concerned, the broker is most certainly registered with the regulator and here are the requisite details you must know:

SEBI Registration Number: INZ000161534

It is advised that you validate these details from the SEBI official website.

Furthermore, here is a quick look at some of the relevant questions that can help you understand more about the broking company and how it fares in the overall stock market industry.

When was Angel Broking Established?

Angel Broking is one of the oldest names in the share market industry in India.

It was established back in the year 1987 when trading used to happen through physical files and there was more than a decade to go before online trading got to be introduced.

The broker gained decent momentum through its wide offline reach via its sub-broker and franchise offices. Even today, Angel Broking has an offline presence of around 10,000 offices across different parts of India.

Thus, from the experience in the industry perspective as well, calling Angel Broking safe won’t be incorrect.

Complaint Percentage of Angel Broking

In case there is some issue related to the demat account or trading account, fund transfers, unauthorized trading etc, a client has the right to file a complaint against the stockbroker at SEBI.

Before we talk about the complaints raised against Angel Broking, this needs to be known that lower the complaint percentage, better is the performance of the broker.

Let’s look at some of the stats released by the National Stock Exchange of India in terms of the average Industry complaint percentage along with the complaint percentage of Angel Broking in the last 5 years.

  • 2014-15: Industry Average: 0.13%, Angel Broking: 0.12%
  • 2015-16: Industry Average: 0.09%, Angel Broking: 0.16%
  • 2016-17: Industry Average: 0.06%, Angel Broking: 0.14%
  • 2017-18: Industry Average: 0.08%, Angel Broking: 0.09%
  • 2018-19: Industry Average: 0.01%, Angel Broking: 0.01%
  • 2019-20: Industry Average: 0.03%, Angel Broking: 0.02%

Out the last 5 instances, there have been 2 occasions when Angel Broking’s complaint percentage was equal to or less than the industry average.

This is not good news for the broker and certainly, Angel Broking needs to work very closely on this aspect.

Although the broker was able to successfully close most of the complaints raised, nonetheless, getting a complaint in the first place is a certain turn-off. Thus, from the complaints perspective, Angel Broking does not leave a positive vibe.

Angel Broking Management and Experience

As mentioned above, Angel Borking is one of the oldest stockbroking companies in India. It was founded by Dinesh Thakkar in 1987 and he still handles the Managing Director role of the company.

With decent experience in the industry, Dinesh Thakkar with its executive team has taken the stockbroking company to various heights.

Be it in terms of the number of franchise offices, active client base, employee base, technology innovation (through trading platforms) etc, the broker has definitely increased its brand angel broking equity in the last 3 decades or so.

Is Angel Broking Reliable?

Now, how do you decide the reliability of a business? Specifically speaking, a stockbroking business!

Well, there are a few ways that can help you to figure out whether you can be sure that the broker won’t fail you at crucial times. Some of those ways include:

  • Technology
  • Customer Service
  • Research Quality

Let’s discuss all one by one:

Performance of Trading Platforms

Finally, if we talk about the performance of the trading platforms – there are multiple aspects that need to be seen. You must check the following:

  • Speed, especially at average internet connection speed
  • Number of features
  • Responsiveness
  • User experience
  • Range of applications
  • Processing

As far as the trading platforms of Angel Broking are concerned, the broker provides Angel Broking Mobile App, Angel Broking Speed Pro, Angel Broking Web.

Apart from that, the broker comes up with a different technology product on a regular basis. Be it Angel Broking ARQ – the automated recommendations engine or Angel Bee –  a direct mutual fund investments platform.

Definitely, the broker provides a variety of applications. As far as speed and the number of features are concerned, Angel Broking’s applications are high performance and are pretty exhaustive in its features.

The web-based trading application of the broker is responsive in nature and offers a decent user experience to all types of traders.

The mobile app, however, has room to improve in terms of its processing speed, especially in areas where the internet speed is not that high.

Still, on an overall basis, the trading applications from this stockbroking house are pretty neat and high performance.

Customer Service

This is one of those areas that needs improvement from different dimensions.

Although, you will get multiple communication channels in terms of reaching out for support and assistance. However, broadly speaking from a competitive point of view, the broker can certainly improve in terms of:

  • Turnaround time of issue resolution
  • Market understanding among support executives

Research Quality

Angel Broking Research is deemed as one of the most promising ones when it comes to fundamentals.

The broker has done a fairly good job in making sure the long-term investors get detailed reports along with the data points that are very much necessary while taking a decision on whether or not to go ahead with the investment.

However, technical research is something that can still be improved in terms of accuracy and the proximity of the holding period.

Is Angel Broking NSDL or CDSL?

Angel Broking is registered with CDSL as a Depository participant. Click here to know more about Angel Broking Dp Charges.

Here are the registration details:

DP Id: 33200

The compliance team of this stockbroker can be reached out at:

  • compliance[at]
  • rajiv.kejriwal[at]

Is Angel Broking a Discount Broker?

Angel Broking stayed a full-service stockbroker for more than 3 decades of existence till 2019 when it decided to pivot towards discount broking.

Although, the Angel Broking brokerage charges have shifted to discount broking with the help of its iTrade Angel Broking plan but its clients still get all sorts of benefits of a conventional full-service stockbroker, including:

  • Offline Presence
  • Stock Market Research
  • Relationship Manager mapping

In conclusion, looking at the different aspects that we mentioned at the start of this article, Angel Broking certainly seems to be a safe stockbroker.

Having said that, you need to make sure that you are keeping a close eye on your transactions, your account information, your trading account balance on a regular basis.

This advice, however, is applicable for a trading account with any stockbroker.

Finally, in case you are looking to open a demat account now, just fill in the details below.

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