How to Place Pre Market Order in Zerodha?

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Zerodha provides a smooth and simple process to place orders at any time of the day. Here if you want to trade using the Kite app before the market opens then you can make use of pre order placement benefits. Not aware of the process, here is the detail of how to place pre market order in Zerodha.

How to Place Pre Market Order in Zerodha App?

Before moving ahead, it is important to note that the pre market hours are from 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM where the first 8 minutes (9:00 AM-9:08 AM) is open to trade.

One can place an intraday or delivery order in the equity segment during this time to take an early position and for quick execution of order.

Now let’s have a quick understanding of how to place a pre market order in Zerodha:

  • Open Zerodha Kite using the User ID and Password.
  • Now select the equity stocks that you want to Buy or Sell.
  • Add them to your watchlist.
  • Now click on Buy or Sell button.
  • Enter all the details (quantity, order type, product).
  • To minimize the losses you can make use of the Stop loss order.
  • Other than this, there is an option for Zerodha iceberg order too where you can break your large order into multiple legs to save the impact cost.
  • Now swipe the button and confirm your order.

The price matching takes place between 9:08 to 9:15 AM where on successful matching your order gets executed.

Other than pre-market order which lasts in few minutes, there is also an option for AMO order in Zerodha that allow a trader to trade in different segment between 3:45 PM to 9:07 AM.

Zerodha Pre Market Order Charges

Now once the trade gets executed Zerodha charges you the brokerage fees accordingly. Since pre-market order is only for the equity cash segment, hence you can either place delivery or intraday trade using the pre-market order.

The details of the Zerodha brokerage charges for pre market order is as follow:


You can check brokerage charges in Zerodha in the Console under the Funds or Report section. Also, if you are a beginner, you can gain an idea of the brokerage fees and other taxes imposed on the trade using the highly advanced Zerodha brokerage calculator.


Placing a pre market order is no more hassle with Zerodha. It gives you the benefit of making the entry or exit at the earliest which helps you in booking the maximum profit and in avoiding any loss in the market.

This order placement is also helpful when you want to exit your position for the share in the upper or lower circuit.

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