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Zerodha reports are a fundamental means of data for the company’s clients. Not only do they maintain a list of transactions and other trade-related details but they also help in calculating the profit or loss.

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The Bangalore based Zerodha is India’s first discount share broker. This basically means that the maximum brokerage is ₹ 20 flat.

However, the company does not have a fixed minimum brokerage. 

If compared with other stockbrokers, Zerodha’s brokerage structure is relatively easy. Zerodha clients have reported a brokerage saving of about 90% in comparison to other full-service brokers

Zerodha’s incredible discount module along with its leading-edge technology has made trading possible for a variety of investors.

These investors range from highly active ones executing hundreds of trades per day, to casual one’s trading a few times per month.  

Zerodha Stock Reports

Zerodha’s premium services, available at genuine rates have benefited numerous traders. StockReports+ is yet another premium product under Zerodha reports.

It is a tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of more than 3000 Indian stocks and is updated daily. In other words, is a utility to research stocks based on financial data. Besides, StockReports+ is powered by Thomson Reuters. 

These Zerodha reports are based on Zerodha Valuation, industrial analysis, earning estimates for risk, momentum, etc.

Also, this report is accessible on Thomson Reuters’ Eikon and is available on the Zerodha platform for an average amount of ₹144 per month.

Moreover, the data on Stockreports+ is updated daily. To be specific, at 11:30 PM from Tuesday to Friday. Any update shall not appear on Mondays.

For all Zerodha Kite users, a free trial of StockReports+ is available on the Kite App.

Zerodha Stock Reports Charges

StockReports+ are advanced Zerodha reports available at three pricing plans –

    • ₹ 150 for 1 month
    • ₹ 135  per month under a 6-months subscription (₹810 for 6months)
    • ₹ 120 per month under a 1-year subscription (₹1440 for one year)

The Rating feature on Stockreports+

Stockreports+ rates stocks on the basis of underlying stock performance. Hence, its rating feature allows the users to monitor the latest changes in the stock ratings. Any change in such ratings directly affects the stock price. 

With StockReports+, you can track the top 3 stocks based on the average score and the average score change. Plus, users can also sort stocks on grounds of their average score.

Furthermore, a particular stock can be searched by typing the script name on the search option. 

Again, all the changes shall be updated at 11:30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. 

Here’s a pictorial illustration of how StockReports+ works.

A positive change in the average score means that the score has increased (from the previous day). While a negative average score means that the score has decreased. 

Zero means that there is no change in the average score.

Zerodha P&L Reports

When Zerodha reports are discussed, it is very likely for clients to think of their P&L reports as well. 

Clients can view their Zerodha Profit and Loss report by logging in Console. All they need to do is  click on “Reports” and select “P&L”. 

On the P&L page, select the desired “segment” from the drop-down menu. Zerodha provides the option of downloading the P&L spreadsheet as well.

Indicative profit and loss reports

As the name suggests, indicative p&l reports are profitability statements for all executed trades in a selected time period. These reports are based on the last CP (closing price) of holdings and open positions (on the “from date”).

Moreover, indicative P&L reports are the best for calculating daily profit and loss which further assists in carrying forward futures positions. 

Zerodha profit and loss report for tax audit

To generate a P&L report for a tax audit, follow these steps:

  • First and foremost, log in to Console 
  • Then, select the “Tax P&L” under “Reports”.
  • Choose the desired financial year and financial Quarter and click on “View”. 
  • Choose among the segments by clicking on the respective tabs (for which you want the report).
  • To download the Tax P&L report, scroll down the page and click on “Download”. 

Zerodha Ledger

Ledger traditionally means documenting financial accounts and reports. Zerodha also provides its clients with a detailed ledger which allows them to generate reports hence is a major portion of Zerodha reports.

However, Zerodha Kite is a trading software and does not provide access to ledger details. So where should you find your ledger?

The answer is “Q”. You can access your Zerodha ledger through the firm’s back office “Q”.

 Q contains all historical reports. These include profit & losses, taxes, fund transfer, withdrawal requests, holdings, trade details, P&L visualizations, etc.

Deductions reflecting in Zerodha Ledger

If your ledger prompts “Interest charged for the month”, this can have two scenarios:

  • A negative Balance 

If your Zerodha account has a negative balance i.e If your used funds are higher than the funds available in your account, a debit balance will reflect. 

For any additional amount (negative balance), interest is charged.

  • Over Utilization 

For overnight F&O positions, it is compulsorily to have 50% of the margin in cash. The balance i.e the remaining 50% is the collateral margin. 

Now, if you use the collateral margin above 50%, interest is charged on the excess utilized amount. This is called the overutilization of the collateral value.

Interest is charged once at the end of every month at a rate of 18% a year or 0.05% per day (on the outstanding amount).

To view your Zerodha Interest statement Click Here 

Statement of all transactions in Zerodha

You can view the statement of your transactions in Zerodha, on the Console.

  • Log in to Console and click on Funds 
  • Select “Statement” from the drop-down menu
  • Choose the desired dates for which you want the statement 
  • Click on “View”. A list of all the added and deducted money will appear

To download the statement, click on “Download”. 

We hope that this write-up gave you a brief idea of Zerodha’s reports. Happy trading!

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