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Zerodha, a Bengaluru-based stock broking company does not only provide one of the cheapest broking services to its clients but also tries to make all potential and existing traders aware of stock market education about financial services, trading, investment strategies, etc. Learn App Zerodha is one such initiative in which the discount broker has invested around ₹2 crores.

This investment has been made through its incubator and investment fund – Rainmatter.

There is a huge gap in knowledge provided in our education system and the knowledge that is actually required in real life. This gap is especially further widened when it comes to financial decision making.

What happens when a person is not satisfied by the peanuts of the rate of return given by conventional methods like fixed deposits, recurring deposits, etc. but is not well acquainted with other methods on investing money to gain a good rate of returns?

So, Learn App Zerodha aims to narrow that gap and provide education on stock markets and investments in them. However, whether it is successful in providing a solution to that problem is something we are going to discuss in this review.

Learn App Zerodha Features

Here is a quick look at some of the features offered by Learn App Zerodha:

1. Video Courses on Investing and Trading – Whether someone is a novice in the financial field or an experienced player, there are video courses for everyone on this app.

And the best part about the online video stock market courses is that they have been delivered by industry experts, top executives of major financial services companies and big fund houses. 

Learn App Zerodha already has more than 25 video courses which have been categorised under the following four heads:

  1. Business and Management
  2. Financial Services
  3. Investing
  4. Trading

Also, one can have a look at the upcoming courses on this app. Fresh content is being added to the app to make it more rich and refined in knowledge.

2. Online Classes – Another major feature of Learn App Zerodha is that it provides online classes to its customers. There are already around 64 classes online. The topics of these classes vary from intermediate levels of some financial concepts of gaining returns to very specific advanced strategies.

The explanations are embedded with real-world examples to make them more relatable. Imagine the kind of financial wisdom one can gain from strategies being taught by leaders of the industry.

It is necessary to attend the relevant video courses online before taking these interactive classes as they are intermediate to advanced in nature.

One can check the overall objective of each class along with the name of the professional who has delivered the class. For every month, the schedule and number of classes in Hindi / English can be checked at their website.

3. Live Classes – After subscribing to Learn App Zerodha, one can avail the facility of live classes being held online and can benefit from the 2-way communication during a class.

It is as good as being taught individually by a financial veteran.

Real-Time interaction with the practitioners makes it an extremely interesting and engaging experience.

4. Assessment Quiz – This feature of Learn App Zerodha makes sure that the knowledge that has been imparted in every class has been correctly and effectively absorbed by the person who has taken it.

The quiz sessions include charts and graphs and come with a timer. Also, analytics on the learning progress is provided to each client. It would help one analyse one’s knowledge and understanding pertaining to that particular topic.

Learn App Zerodha Charges

The charges for enrolment are₹375 per month which are charged yearly or ₹500 for every month charged 3 monthly in order to get unobstructed access to all the courses and live classes.

Furthermore, Learn App Zerodha provides a yearly plan of ₹4500 as well that you can subscribe to if you are looking for a long-term commitment.

Anyone who has an internet connection can easily access the app and get quality financial literacy at quite affordable prices.

Learn App Zerodha Benefits

This has benefited working professionals, traders and people who have been investing and want to invest in the stock market for market returns to large extents. If one has an account on Zerodha, one can get a free trial of the app to get a feel of it.

The major benefits of Learn App Zerodha can be summarized as follows –

1. Quality Content – Since the courses have been designed and delivered by industry leaders and financial experts, there are almost no chances of the content not being error-free and of good quality. The credibility of the classes is great.

2. Interactive Classes – Since the classes are designed as interactive sessions, one can easily clear his / her doubts regarding the respective topics and benefit like a regular offline class.

3. Knowledge Tests for Feedback – The extent to which one has learned from a particular class can be checked through taking the assessment quiz presented at the end of each session. 

Learn App Zerodha Limitations

Like every other thing, Learn App Zerodha is also not perfect and there are areas of improvement and limitations like:

1. Language Barrier – It is one of the biggest limitations of this platform. The classes and courses are mostly in English and some are in Hindi. Regional languages have not been covered here yet.

Although, it has been mentioned that they are working on getting their existing courses dubbed in Hindi.

The dubbing artists that have been working on Hindi are from reputed channels like the National Geographic and Discovery.

Work on regional languages still needs to be done in order to reach every nook and corner of the country.

2. Time Constraint – The number of people attending a particular class may vary. If the number is large, there might be some issues in getting individual queries solved by the mentors during each class.

This limitation can create a gap in the development of the understanding of the topic.

3. Pricing: Although generally speaking, paying ₹375 per month might not look that expensive. However, when we talk about value for money, well the courses provided are not that exhaustive as compared to established peers such as Udemy.

From that perspective, it may look slightly overpriced.

4. No Mobile app: As much strange as it may sound, but Learn App Zerodha does not really have a mobile app version. It is available only on the desktop and can be accessed only through a browser.

This is certainly a huge turn-off especially because it is a video content based app and most users prefer viewing videos on their mobile phones these days.

The weird part is if you search for ‘Learn App Zerodha’ or even ‘Learn App’ mobile app at the Google play store, it shows a European fashion app with the same brand name.


Learn App Zerodha is an affordable app which can make an uninitiated person financially literate and an experienced trader richer in knowledge and new strategies by a discussion with the best financial leaders of the industry.

All of this comes at affordable prices and convenience of sitting at your home and gaining all the wisdom. One can check out all the courses related to business, trading and investing at their website.

Stay educated, stay invested!

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