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Do you remember when we used to go to school and started packing our bags right before school was about to get over? You must be wondering what is the relation of this walk down memory lane. The reason is our upcoming discussion on commodity trading time in Zerodha.

Just like the excitement to go home ignited in every kid before the final bell, a trader also prepares before the market opens. Just like the equity market opens at 9:15 am- 3:30 pm, the commodity market also has specific timings to operate.

So, if you want to trade in commodities and have a Zerodha demat account, then let us have a look at the timings that you should focus on. 

Zerodha Commodity Trading Hours 

Brokers like Zerodha that are registered with MCX and NCDEX, let a trader practice commodity trading. Most of the traders associated with the broker know how to buy commodities in Zerodha as they are aware of the steps and timings of the commodity market in India.

But if you are newbie then here it becomes important for you to consider the importance of MCX timings to make a trade in the right hours.

As already known that the commodity trading time usually differs from the equity market time. 

The Zerodha Commodity trading time is as follows. 

  • For the internationally referenceable commodities(non-agri), the timings are as follows, 
    • 9am-11:30pm (daylight savings hour)
    • 9am-11:55pm(November-March)
  • For the internationally referenceable (agri commodities) like Kapas, cotton
    • 9am-9pm
  •  For all the other agricultural commodities
    • 9am-5pm


Note- If you want to start commodity trading, then you need to activate the commodity f&o segment in Zerodha, and for that, you need to pay an extra ₹100.  

Zerodha Commodity MIS Square off Time 

People often wonder why their position was closed off even when they did not initiate it. Squaring off the positions generally means exiting them. If you have placed a bracket order, a cover order, or an MIS order and have not closed it, then the broker has the right to auto-square off your positions. 

The Zerodha commodity MIS square off time differs from the equity square off time. For intraday trade in commodity, the square off time is 25 minutes before the closing. 


In case you forget to square off your position then you need to pay the auto square off charges equal to ₹50 per trade.

Zerodha Commodity Trading Holidays 

There are various days on which you cannot trade in the commodity segment. The list of such Zerodha commodity trading holidays is given below so that your time is saved and you can take a break from trading as well. 

The tentative holiday calendar for 2021 is as follows: 


So, you can actively do Zerodha Commodity trading, just barring these days. 


Commodity trading is an attractive option for traders who are looking to indulge in internationally acclaimed commodities as well. So if you are looking to step into the zone, you have a time window from 9am-11:55pm on most days and commodities. 

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