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Zerodha, India’s largest and popular discount broker gives many reasons to investors to choose the platform. With many other services, it offers benefits to its customers with its Zerodha referral program.

This affiliate marketing model of Zerodha has taken it to heights in the small time. In the referral program, the clients refer the broker to other potential clients and earn a percentage out of the brokerage.

Curious to learn more about the program, here is the complete information about the referral bonus and policy.

Zerodha Referral Program

Zerodha referral program was started at the time of its operation in 2010.

It offers a simple way for its clients to join the referral commission program. Here are the steps to join the Zerodha referral commission program.

  • Zerodha referral program is open for all who have the trading account with Zerodha.
  • On activation of the client ID, one can get access to the Zerodha Console or Backoffice Q.
  • Make the use of the Zerodha Q back office to start referring to your friends and relatives.
  • If you do not have the account with Zerodha, then open the Zerodha account first. Also, you can open the Zerodha account instantly with your Aadhar Card.

Zerodha Referral Policy

There are different Referral Policy in Zerodha. The two primary options for the referral program are:

Option 1: Open an account with Zerodha

  • Open an account with Zerodha and send the Zerodha referral payout request from Zerodha Console. Click on the orange-colored withdrawal button in the wallet.
  • This is a far much easier method that came into effect from 1st March 2017.
  • Get the complete information and steps of making the effective use and reaping maximum benefits out of it.
  • Print the form.
  • Open digit and click on the “Free Trial”.

Option 2: Log in to the website

Other than this, you can log in to from the internet explorer option. Here it is important to note that one can request a payout from the internet explorer only.

* The lead to whom you refer Zerodha should not be present in the system. Zerodha considers the mobile number and email address as a lead, so if someone has already entered the same you won’t be able to enter it again.

*The lead entered by you remain active for 60 days. If the client does not open the account within that time, you will not be eligible to get any referral commission.

*On entering the lead you would be able to track the status of lead and earn more.

*You can track your earning by getting access to the Wallet option on the referral.

Zerodha Referral Benefits

Zerodha Referral Program has made it India’s leading discount broker without investing in any advertisement. The affiliate program offers many benefits and helps you to earn a bonus and give Zerodha a new member or client. You can calculate the bonus earned from the referral with Zerodha Referral Commission Calculator.

To earn the reward, all you need to do is to enter the friend’s detail or copy the affiliate link and share it via social media platform, Watsapp or email. Once your friend clicks on the link and opens the account with Zerodha you and your friend will earn the referral bonus of 300 points.

You can use these points to gain access to the growing ecosystem of trading.

  • As per the update on the 01 March 2017, the member would get the referral payout of Rs 2020.
  • The referral wallet will be updated monthly and allow you to place the withdrawal request on Q.
  • To process the payout you need to provide a one-time undertaking.
  • Sign the undertaking digitally via Digio and send the copy via mail at partner
  • It usually takes 7-10 days to process the withdrawal request.
  • Of the total brokerage commission, the TDS equal to 5% will be deducted. The TDS certificate is emailed to the registered email ID after every four months.

Zerodha Referral Offer

Open an account with Zerodha, refer it to your friend and earn 10% of brokerage they will pay.

Get started now and get an affiliate link to forward it to your friends and earn maximum money.

Zerodha Referral Code

Open an account and activate the affiliate code to refer Zerodha to friends and family. Enter all the relevant details in the form and get the link immediately.

Share the Zerodha referral link with your friends via Watsapp or other sources and increase the probability to earn more.

Bottom Line

This product and feature of Zerodha protect their member from paying extra charges to external investors. With zero brokerage for equity and no fees for direct Zerodha mutual fund, it looks forward to expanding its business and offer support to potential investors.

Reap the best benefits of the referral program and earn more with rewards.

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