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Are you planning to invest your money in options trading in Zerodha and have no idea how much brokerage charges you will require to pay them? So in this article, we will provide you relevant details of Zerodha Option Trading Charges. 

Before jumping into details, let’s first learn about the Zerodha. Zerodha is one of the prominent discount brokers in India. Also, they have 2 million clients who are 50% of the retail volume in India.

They have smooth inbuilt features and trading platforms that allow you to trade in options seamlessly. 

Furthermore, you get the option to use Sensibull Zerodha that helps you to perform your options trading in one of the most seamless ways.

So, if you are having a demat account with Zerodha or thinking of opening one, then it is essential to learn about the options charges charged by the broker. 

What are the Charges for Options in Zerodha?

In Zerodha, you can have opportunities to invest in different types of Options trading. Like options in commodities, options in equity, and options in currency. For trading in each segment, you have to pay different brokerage charges. 

However, when you are trading in options, you have to pay brokerage charges two times: firstly, when you are buying any specific stock, commodity, or currency in option, and secondly, when you are selling them in options. 

List of Zerodha Options trading charges for equity, currency, and commodity in table form.

Zerodha Option Brokerage Charges for Equity  

Now you can trade-in equity options using the Zerodha Kite. However, to get started you have to activate options trading in Zerodha by placing an activation request in Zerodha Console.

Zerodha charges a fee of flat ₹20 on every executed order. Thus, whatever the number of shares is, you just have to pay the brokerage of ₹20 per lot.

For example, you buy 10 lots of 100 shares each then here you have to pay the brokerage of 20*10 i.e. ₹200 to execute the buy or sell trade. 

Zerodha Option Brokerage Charges for Commodities 

Next to equity, comes the commodity in which you buy or sell the call or put option. Here for each trade you execute, you will be charged 0.03% or ₹20/executed order whichever is lower. 

For instance, You buy a 100 lot of 10,00,000 shares in options commodities. If you calculate 0.03% of 100 you will get ₹3, so here instead of ₹20, you have to pay the brokerage of ₹3. 

But if you increase the number to 1000 then the brokerage will be 0.03% of 1000 i.e. 30, but here since you can pay the minimum brokerage, thus you have to pay a sum of only ₹20.

Zerodha Option Brokerage Charges for Currency 

Zerodha charges a similar fee as it charges for options commodities i.e. 0.03% or ₹20/executed order whichever is lower. 

For example, if you buy a 50 lots of 50,000 in options currency. You calculate 0.03% of 50 we will get ₹1.5. You will need to have to pay only ₹1.5 as it is lower. 

Zerodha Option Brokerage Charges Nifty

Zerodha Option brokerage Charges for bank nifty options – You will require to pay 0.03% or ₹20/executed order whichever is lower. 

Suppose, you buy one lot of ₹5,00,000 of bank nifty options. If you calculate 0.03% of 5,00,000, it will be ₹150

So, here Zerodha Option brokerage Charges Nifty will be still ₹20 as mentioned 0.03% or ₹20/executed order whichever is lower. And, ₹20 is lower than ₹150

On the other hand, if you buy a lot of ₹50,000 of bank nifty options. You will need to pay ₹15 (0.03% of 50,000) to Zerodha as brokerage charges.

Here you will not pay ₹20 as Rs.15 is lower in this case. (0.03% or ₹20/executed order whichever is lower).

Intraday Options Trading Charges Zerodha 

Here are the Option Trading charges of intraday in Zerodha. 

  • Zerodha charges a fee of flat ₹20 on each of your executed orders for intraday equity options. Plus, 18% of GST is imposed on the brokerage fee and transaction fee.
  • For intraday in commodities, the broker charges a fee of flat of 0.03% of turnover or flat ₹20 whichever is lower on every executed order. Besides, you have to pay 18% GST on the brokerage fee.
  • Other than this, there are DP charges in Zerodha, that is levied on selling transaction. But since no debit of shares takes place in the case of options trade, hence no such charges are imposed on the trader.

Zerodha Options Brokerage Charges Calculator

Zerodha options brokerage charges calculator is here for you to resolve your query as to how to calculate actual Zerodha Option Trading Charges. It calculates the options brokerage charges for all trades in options, like equity options, currency options, and commodities options. 

If you wish to evaluate the Zerodha Trading Charges (brokerage charges) for options, you need to select your trade (options) to calculate its brokerage charges. 

This will show you the computed Government tax results, SEBI charges, clearing account, Exchange Taxation charges, turnover, and all that you have to pay on options. 

Suppose you want to trade options contracts, you have to put some details, like buy price, sell price, number of lots, lot size, etc. These inputs will show you the total brokerage that is charged upon you for that particular asset. 


So, here is the complete information of the brokerage charged by Zerodha to trade-in options. Being a discount broker, Zerodha charged minimum fees of ₹20 and allows you to trade in different segments including commodities and currency in options. 

But for better choice, it is always better to do your own research and comparison for the same. For example, check out the detail of Zerodha vs Groww stocks charges and make a decision accordingly.

This is the time to get started and earn maximum profit with the minimum Option trading risk.

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