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Zerodha is the leading discount broker in India that offers the best brokerage service at the minimal charges. The best broker care for its customers and always come out with something new. Zerodha Pulse is the latest intervention of the broker that gives the right guidance to traders and help them to invest in a smarter way.

Like other apps of Zerodha like Zerodha Kite, Zerodha Pi, it is also useful and beneficial to investors in many ways.

Learn more about the app and reap the maximum benefits out of it.

Zerodha Pulse App

Zerodha Pulse is the free software application from the Accounting & Finance subcategory. The app is available in English and is installed on iOS.

The app with a file size of 2.10 MB is available for download on the website.

Pulse is the latest app introduced by Zerodha that is available on the Google Play Store. The app is useful to the investors who always remain keen to invest their funds securely and reap maximum profit out of their investment.

If you are one of those curious investors then combine your knowledge and technology with the latest updates of the share market.

The app provides the latest financial and market news from different sources across India. Thus one can get the latest news of the financial market in one place.

Some of the potential sources from which the Zerodha Pulse gather news are:

  • MoneyControl
  • Economic Times
  • Reuters
  • Business standard
  • The Hindu Business

Zerodha Pulse App Benefits

The app is beneficial in many ways:

  • It offers real-time news sources.
  • Keep investors updated about the market status
  • Help investors to invest at the right platform.
  • Saves time by merging all the information.

Zerodha Pulse keeps on changing and updating its features. Some of the latest changes in the app include are:

  • Improvement in the time of loading webpages
  • Addition of share option on news screen.

Bottom Line

Zerodha Pulse is one of the best apps for all the latest financial and market news which it provides by combining all news from the major sources of India.

Download the app now.

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