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Zerodha, India’s topmost discount broker is among the safest and most reliable broker for all kinds of investors. The broker not only offers trades at discounted rates but has also developed advanced trading platforms. In this article, we shall stick to and discuss the Zerodha intraday charges.

The broker does not charge any fee on equity delivery trades. As far as Zerodha Intraday Trading is concerned, you only need to pay a brokerage of flat ₹20 or 0.03% of your order for every executed trade. 

Once you have a Zerodha Free Demat Account, you should know about Zerodha Intraday Charges.

In simple words, the maximum brokerage fee for trading in Zerodha is ₹20. In what follows, discussed are the Zerodha intraday transaction charges in detail. Stay tuned!

Zerodha Intraday Brokerage Charges

You can carry out Intraday Trading for absolutely free on delivery-based equity transactions (on the Zerodha Platform). Yes, you heard it right! Zerodha does not charge any brokerage on delivery intraday trades i.e. on investments that are held with the investor for a long time.

On the other hand, the firm charges 0.03 % or flat ₹20 (whichever is lower) on every executed order for intraday equity and equity futures segments. 

As far as equity options are concerned, Zerodha charges a brokerage of flat ₹20 on each executed order.

Zerodha Intraday Charges Calculator

The above-mentioned charges/fee on Zerodha intraday trading is an overall idea of the brokerage charged by the firm on day trades. 

However, while trading (be it intraday or any other form of it), an investor has to be very particular about the exact brokerage levied on various segments to make accurate trading decisions and thereby earn profits.

Here is the brief of the intraday charges imposed by Zerodha


Explained below are Zerodha intraday charges 2020, in detail. Dive in!

Zerodha Intraday MIS Charges

When we refer to MIS in Zerodha or any stock-broker, for that matter, it typically means Intraday trading. The full form of “MIS is Margin Intraday Square Off” and is a product code applied to your Zerodha order.

Applying MIS as your product code while placing orders on Zerodha means that your order will be treated as an intraday order. You can apply MIS on limit orders, stop-loss orders, stop-loss market orders, market orders, bracket orders, cover orders, and after-market orders.

Further, you may also choose to set trigger price and stop-loss trailing amount on orders that require the same. 

Since MIS indicates an intraday order, you must square off all open positions (i.e., buy if you have sold and sell if you have bought) before the square-off time.

The Zerodha Square Off Time for intraday trades is 3:20 pm so make sure to square-off your open positions before it. If you fail to do so, the system will auto square off your order at the prevailing market rate.

In what follows, discussed are Zerodha Intraday Charges across various segments.

For better transparency and to know intraday charges, refer to Zerodha Brokerage Calculator.

Zerodha Intraday Equity Charges

Zerodha charges either 0.03% or ₹20 per executed order on equity intraday trades. In simple words, whichever of the above-mentioned prices are lower, you need to pay that amount as your intraday fee in the equity segment.

Here, you also pay 18% GST on your brokerage and transaction charges.

Zerodha Intraday Charges For Equity Futures 

There are a variety of Zerodha Futures. The intraday charges for the equity futures in Zerodha is the same as the equity intraday one. Zerodha, therefore, charges 0.03% or ₹20 (whichever of the two is lowe) on every executed order.

Besides, you also pay 18% GST on the brokerage and transaction charges on Futures Trading.

Zerodha Intraday Charges For Equity Options

Zerodha Options too are of many kinds. In the equity options segment, Zerodha charges a fee of flat ₹20 on each of your executed orders.

Again, you pay a GST of 18% on the brokerage and transaction fee in the Options segment.

Zerodha Intraday Charges For Commodity Futures

In the commodity futures segment on Zerodha intraday, you either have to pay 0.03% or flat ₹20 on every executed order. Whichever among the two is lower, you pay that as your brokerage. The Zerodha Commodity Margin, in general, is considered great.

You also pay 18% GST on the brokerage and transaction under the Commodity Futures Trading segment. 

Zerodha Intraday Charges For Commodity Options

Commodity Trading has seen its fair share of growth in the Indian stock market. 

The intraday charges for the Zerodha commodity trading in the options segment is similar to that of commodity futures. You, therefore, pay 0.03% or flat ₹20 (whichever is lower) on every executed order.

A GST of 18% is applied on the brokerage fee.

Bottom Line

Grabbing awareness of the charges helps you in making the right decision regarding trade.

Hope this detailed article on Zerodha intraday charges helped you. Remember to research well and invest accordingly to meet your financial goals.


Happy trading!

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