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IIFL, the full-service stockbroker, offers trading in different segments including Equity products. So, if you are looking forward to trading in this segment, then here is the full review of the IIFL equity brokerage.

So, let’s dive in!

IIFL Equity Brokerage Charges

Now as a trader it is quite clear that one can either plan a long-term investment or a short-term trade in Equity. The brokerage charges for both the long and short-term equity segments differ.

Earlier the broker offers a volume-based brokerage plan but with the growing trend of the discount brokerage plan, the IIFL comes up with full-service brokerage services at a discounted price plan.

So here we are discussing the IIFL equity brokerage for delivery (long term) and intraday segment (short-term) in detail.

IIFL Delivery Charges

As already discussed, the broker comes up with a new plan called IIFL z20 plan. This offers minimal brokerage thus offering relaxation to investors from paying the heavy charges to trade.

According to this plan, the investor does not have to pay any fees to trade in the equity delivery segment.


IIFL Equity Intraday Charges

Similar to the equity delivery, one can avail the benefit of intraday trading by paying the least brokerage to the broker. As per the plan the IIFL equity brokerage the trader has to pay is ₹20 per order or 0.05% of trade whichever is lower.


To understand these charges scheme, let’s take an example. 

Let’s assume a trader trade in the share of ABC company the current price of which is ₹100 per share. Seeing the profit potential, he buys 1ooo shares. Now calculating the brokerage, 

Number of shares= 1ooo

Total Turnover= ₹5000

Brokerage= ₹2.5 (0.05%*5000) 

On the other hand, if the turnover increases to let’s say 50000 then the brokerage is ₹20 as 0.05% of 50000 is ₹25. 

Thus, you end up paying the least brokerage to execute the intraday trade. 

IIFL Brokerage Calculator

Apart from this, there are transaction charges, STT, stamp duty, and other hidden fees & taxes that the trader needs to pay to finalize the trade. This often makes it challenging for traders to calculate the exact IIFL equity brokerage.

In all your overall profit or loss does not depend upon the buying or selling price of the stock but also the additional cost of brokerage. To make it easy use the IIFL brokerage calculator.

Just enter the scrip details, quantity, and the total brokerage corresponding to that particular trading segment and net brokerage fees will be displayed on the screen.


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