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If you have shown interest in being the IIFL Partner, then you must have an understanding of the “IIFL Sub Broker Commission,” too.

But, let us begin with the details related to IIFL Securities first!

India Infoline is a full-service stockbroker established in 1995 and is popularly known as IIFL. 

Even with more than 4000 branches in India across 900 cities of India handling over 20 lakh customers, it is still making a plethora of improvisations to increase the experience of existing Sub Brokers and attract more.

IIFL grants a plethora of trading and investment segments to its customers such as-

To expand its business horizons and to give a “Partnership” Opportunity to other people, recently, it has initiated the “Business Models” with IIFL AAA (Advisory Anytime Anywhere) feature.

IIFL Partnership Model comes with various categories that can cater to serve the financial needs of multiple people or Entrepreneurs. 

The categories in IIFL Partnership Models are as follows-

  • Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Remisier or Direct Sales Agent (DSA)
  • IIFL Franchisee
  • IIFL Marketing Associate

A Sub Broker or a Partner acts as a link between the stockbroker and its registered trader or investor. 

The primary duty of a Sub Broker is to handle the queries of the customer and generate more clients for the stockbroker.

And to achieve the same, one must fulfill the eligibility conditions to be an IIFL Sub Broker. 

These eligibility requirements are as follows-

  • The Sub Broker must be 21 years of age or above.
  • Registration with the SEBI is a must.
  • To be an IIFL Sub-Broker, one must have an understanding of the stock market terms and processes.
  • Having experience or certification in the financial segment will be an added advantage to the Sub-Broker.
  • A sub-broker must have completed higher secondary education from a recognized school or college.,
  • Having a valid address proof is also mandatory to be an IIFL Sub Broker.

Once you have gone through the eligibility part and believe yourself to be the right person for the same, you can now register with IIFL as a Sub Broker. 

IIFL Sub Broker Earnings

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to earn more money, which is why they become IIFL Sub Brokers since IIFL offers a fair and lucrative commission to the Sub Broker against its services.

In certain situations, if a Sub Broker delivers quantitative services, by undertaking their responsibilities and functions successfully then he will be given a high commission based on his deliverables.


IIFL Sub Broker Commission is high as compared to other sub broker model in the market. 

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In a nutshell, we can clearly conclude that a fair and transparent commission is given to the Sub Broker of IIFL. Along with the same, the commission ratio is mostly higher in comparison with other brokers.

With a wide range of products and impeccable trading features, many people join IIFL as their Business Partners.

There are more than 4000 IIFL franchisees and over 10,000 sub brokers in 900 cities and towns of India. 

With IIFL cutting-edge and advanced technology and platforms, the partners can manage their clients’ portfolio. Besides this, IIFL gives customised and real-time support to its Sub Brokers.  

Unquestionably, anyone can be the IIFL Sub Broker if he fulfills the eligibility conditions discussed above and can join them by paying Zero office expenses.

It’s one of the best and trusted ways to generate high revenue sharing by choosing one from several revenue streams.

So gain all the information about the model and start making money with the IIFL Sub Broker Commission.

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