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Being an active investor or trader, allows one to have several questions on the IIFL Brokerage charges and their different plans. 

Since, the IIFL brokerage charges keep on updating after some time, particularly after a year, it is quite important to have knowledge about the same from time to time.

However, if you are a first-time investor looking to opt IIFL as your Depository then through this documentation you can have an idea about IIFL and their brokerage charges across different trading and investment segments.

Let us take you on a short tour of IIFL!

IIFL Founder, Nirmal Jain found the firm in the year 1995 with the motive to provide diverse financial services to active and passive traders or investors.

Without any doubt, IIFL is one of the full-service stockbrokers of India offering multiple services in trading and investment segments. The top IIFL products where you can plan to invest are Equity, Futures, OptionsCurrency, IPO, Fixed Deposits, Mutual funds, and other financial platforms.

Not just this, IIFL Branches are more than 2000 across 500+ cities of India. Not just this, IIFL also has its global presence in Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong, Colombo, London, and New York.

Wasn’t that surprising! 

Now, let us have a glance at the IIFL Brokerage charges.

IIFL Securities Brokerage Plan

IIFL Brokerage charges are very less as compared to other stock brokers in India. Below you can find all the useful information such as plans and IIFL Brokerage charges 2020.

Once you open a Trading account with IIFL, you are directly subscribed to the Z20 brokerage plan.

Once you open an account with IIFL, you get all the benefits along with the IIFL DP ID.

To open the account, you can use any of the IIFL forms for your reference.

Let’s discuss the Z20 brokerage plan in greater detail.

The broker has introduced an amazing brokerage plan named Z20 to facilitate inexpensive trading charges to its customers.

According to this plan, the brokerage charges for delivery trading, irrespective of which segment, have been reduced to zero, i.e., trade however much you want in delivery trade and pay nothing as brokerage charge.

Learn how does IIFL calculate brokerage for the delivery trade to devise your trading strategy accordingly.

In the case of equity options, the brokerage charges are flat ₹20 per executed trade. Further, for equity intraday, currency trading, commodity trading, and futures & options, the brokerage charges are ₹20 or 0.05% per executed trade, whichever is lower.

For simplified understanding, these charges have been tabulated below:


Although the IIFL Z20 Plan is known as a brokerage plan, there are various other charges that are provided at a special charge. All the other charges of the plan are tabulated below:


Also, read IIFL BSDA Account, and IIFL Options Trading, How to trade in IIFL, and IIFL Advanced Research.

IIFL Brokerage Calculator

The brokerage calculator allows you to calculate brokerage charges and other fees as per your trading and investment segment. You can find the link to our page offering a free brokerage calculator through our website or simply click on the link shared above in the heading.

Our Brokerage Calculator not only determines the brokerage charges but also calculates other charges such as Transaction charges, stamp duty, Goods and Service Tax(GST), SEBI fees, and Securities Transaction Tax (STT) by choosing the right trading segment- Equity, Derivatives, Currency, etc.

If you are interested to trade in commodity, you can check IIFL Commodity Brokerage Calculator.

Also, know about IIFL Futures Brokerage.

Closing Thoughts

Through the aforementioned document, an investor can grasp all the information about IIFL brokerage charges, fees, and different plans.

Although IIFL Brokerage charges are a bit higher as compared to other full-time stock brokers in India but on the other side, they offer multiple functionalities to its customers to offer them a successful investment and trading experience. What else do we need? 

IIFL is empowering its customers with various Brokerage plan facilities. Hence, they can choose one as per their requirement without any hidden charges or terms.

Along with the same, IIFL has taken a stunning stand in offering investors with cutting-edge technology, world-renowned research reports, finest trading platforms (Trader Terminal), online IPO investment, portfolio management services (PMS), dynamic and extensive app (IIFL Markets) and so much more.

That’s a complete full-stock package for frequent and active investors!

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