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Being an active investor or trader, allows one to have several questions on the IIFL Brokerage charges and their different plans. 

IIFL or India Infoline although is a full-service stockbroker, but now comes up with discount brokerage plans for its customers. So now you can actually reap the benefit of full-service brokerage facilities by paying the least brokerage charges.

IIFL Z20 Plan

Like any other full-service stockbroker, earlier IIFL offers volume-based brokerage charges in which the charges depend upon the shares you buy or sell in a particular segment.

Although there were different plans depending upon the margin you maintain in your trading account but still it was a bit costly.

With the growing demand for the discount brokerage plan, the broker comes up with the new plan, IIFL z20 plan. Under this, the investor need not pay any fees as there are no delivery charges.

Other than this, the broker offers relaxation in other segments too. Scroll down to grab complete information on the latest brokerage plan.

IIFL Equity Brokerage

Now the equity segment opens the gateway to trade in delivery and intraday. The different products come up with different brokerage plans. You can pick the one as per your trading and investment goals.

In all, the broker has introduced an amazing brokerage plan named Z20 to facilitate inexpensive trading charges to its customers.

Let’s see how this new brokerage plan comes up with benefits for investors.

IIFL Equity Delivery Charges

According to this plan, the brokerage charges for delivery trading, irrespective of which segment, have been reduced to zero. Thus, you can reap the leverage of free delivery trade with India Infoline. 


Learn how does IIFL calculate brokerage for the delivery trade to devise your trading strategy accordingly.

IIFL Equity Options Charges

If you want to trade-in options segment, then make sure you activate the derivatives segment in IIFL. Like any other segment, you need to pay brokerage fees to trade in the equity options segment as well.

With the z20 plan, you can execute the trade by paying a flat brokerage of ₹20 per order.


IIFL Intraday Brokerage

The intraday segment comes up with the major profit potential. To buy or sell any share in a day, the flat brokerage of ₹20 or 0.05% of the trade whichever is lower is charged across the segment.


IIFL Commodity Brokerage Charges

Next comes the commodity segment, which gives you the chance to trade in different agri and non-agri commodities of India. To trade in these segments the broker offers you the option to trade intraday, futures & options.

Depending upon the segment, you need to pay the brokerage fees accordingly.

Here is the detail of the commodity brokerage charges of IIFL.


IIFL Futures Brokerage

You can trade in future commodities and currency segments using the IIFL markets app. But wondering what brokerage you need to pay to end up the trade.

Here is the detail of IIFL future brokerage charges.


IIFL Options Brokerage

Similar to futures, you can opt for options trading under the derivatives segment. Here you can opt for the equity options or intraday depending upon your trading goals.

For different segment the charges vary too, the detail of which is tabulated below:


IIFL Brokerage Calculator

The brokerage calculator allows you to calculate brokerage charges and other fees as per your trading and investment segment. 

IIFL Brokerage Calculator not only determines the brokerage charges but also calculates other charges such as Transaction charges, Stamp duty, Goods and Service Tax (GST), SEBI fees, and Securities Transaction Tax (STT) by choosing the right trading segment- Equity, Derivatives, Currency, etc.

In all, using the brokerage calculator at the beginning helps you in availing a better understanding of the profit or loss you end up with your trade.

Closing Thoughts

Through the aforementioned document, an investor can grasp all the information about IIFL brokerage charges, fees, and different plans.

Although IIFL Brokerage charges are a bit higher as compared to other full-time stock brokers in India but on another side, they offer multiple functionalities to their customers to offer them a successful investment and trading experience. What else do we need? 

IIFL is empowering its customers with various Brokerage plan facilities. Hence, they can choose one as per their requirement without any hidden charges or terms.


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