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If you are into trade with IIFL Securities, then you can make a wise investment decision by going through the top recommendations done by the IIFL Research Team.

The IIFL research team holds a good experience and comes up with research ideas and tips that guide you to make your way in the right direction.

Since it is a full-service stockbroker it gives the best advice to invest in it at the right time with its top recommendations and tips.

IIFL Research is one of their products that provide detailed analysis of stock markets, companies, sectors of the economy, etc.

They provide their recommendations on the basis of the comprehensive research done by their research team. You can check the details about IIFL research here.

IIFL Stock Research

If you are into investment and looking forward to investing in stocks, then it becomes crucial to look deep to make the right choice regarding the stocks selection, etc.

Good research and complete analysis of the company’s stock like key indicators etc helps you in planning strategically.

In all studying or analyzing the company’s trend help you reap a good profit over time. You can do it yourself, but if you are trading with IIFL you can gain the research tips and recommendations for free.

Learning how to analyze stocks before making an investment decision helps you in minimizing your risks.

IIFL Research team analyzes, recommends, and offers reports that bring better investment opportunities for investors who are looking forward to long-term and short-term investment.

The team is highly experienced and offers you a detailed financial analysis of stocks along with trading ideas that can reap a good profit.

In general, the IIFL Research team creates a report on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Industry Research
  • Overview of the Company
  • Analyzing the historical financial results
  • Forecasting and valuation of stocks
  • Providing recommendation

IIFL Research Reports

IIFL provides detailed reports on different financial aspects of Indian markets and the economy. Some of them have been discussed here –

IIFL Recommendations

IIFL Recommendations are available in its various trading platform including IIFL Markets. You can log in to the app to grab the latest news, and analyze the investment ideas provided on the basis of research done so far.

These research ideas are provided for equities as well as mutual funds.

  • IIFL Equity Research Report

Idea2Act – This is a product that gives an idea about how to invest in stocks in such a way that maximum returns can be derived out of them.

The ideas discussed in this report are based on both fundamental analysis and technical analysis of stocks

Fundamental analysis involves researching the financial performance of the companies, their management, future plans, etc.

The research is mainly done on balance sheets, income statements, and other financial statements of the companies.

Technical analysis involves predicting future price movements on the basis of past trends and volumes of trading being done in the stock.

It is done using technical charts and technical indicators to spot intraday and short-term trading opportunities.

  • Monthly Mutual Fund Report

In this report, research is done on the mutual funds operating in the industry, and recommendations are made based on this research. They select 5 mutual funds in every category.

They also publish content on personal finance as well as investing in mutual funds that can be beneficial for people who want to invest in stock markets but do not have the time to study it thoroughly.

IIFL Company / Sector Reports

These reports include two types of research reports. The first kind is IPO Note and the other is sector-specific reports.

  • IPO Note 

As the name suggests, these reports contain all the relevant information on the company that is planning to launch its initial public offering in the market.

The research report contains details like the business of the company, objectives of the IPO, its details, history as well as future prospects of the company.

These reports are especially useful for those investors who look for good IPOs to invest in.

  • Sector Reports

These reports give detailed information about different sectors of the economy. The information includes demand and supply growth drivers, risks and opportunities of the sector, etc.

They also provide recommendations on the main players of the industry.

Monthly Reports

These reports are made on monthly basis and can be categorized under three main heads.

  • Monthly Investment Report 

This report contains a monthly overview of the economy and markets.

These IIFL research reports give an idea about the coming month and give recommendations on 5 stocks that can be bought with a long-term horizon.

These reports also give an idea about the mutual fund industry.

  • Monthly Mutual Fund Reports

These IIFL research reports cover details about mutual funds and give recommendations on them. The mutual funds of all the categories are studied in these reports.

  • Rollover Analysis

 These IIFL research reports give a comprehensive idea about the contracts of current as well as next month.

The details include both kinds of positions – long and short, FIIs, etc. These also talk about rollover costs for different sectors of the economy.

Daily / Weekly Reports

These IIFL research reports are released every Friday of every week. They cover important news and happenings in the stock markets of that week.

You can get to know about the updates of policies and their effects on sectors, companies, etc. Important events of the week are talked about here.

IIFL Research Calls

IIFL research calls are made on the basis of solid comprehensive information researched by their team. They provide calls on all these things –

  • Investments in stocks on the basis of fundamental analysis
  • Trading calls on the basis of technical analysis
  • Investments in the best mutual funds of the industry

Different research reports provide information about investments at different time horizons.

You can find calls for investing in stocks for a period of 1 year as well as calls for buying and selling stocks within a week or a month’s time.

The research calls take into consideration the different research reports filed by the IIFL research team and complete comparative analysis with other competitor products in the Indian markets.

IIFL Stock Trading Tips

IIFL provides some free tips for doing intraday trading. They provide the information on the name of the scrip, the entry point at which the trade should be entered into.

They also give an idea about the target price at which the trade should be squared off to derive profit out of the trade.

In case the price starts moving in an unfavorable direction, then, the stock tips also include stop loss at which the trade should be squared off.

It is recommended to always stick to the stop loss strictly in each trade.

If a stop loss is not decided before entering into a trade, it has the potential to wipe out not only the profits but also the original invested capital.

In case the stock prices start to move in a favorable direction, then, the second target is also mentioned in their tips so that if someone wants to wait for more profits, it can be done.


IIFL research is one of the most important services that the IIFL group provides.  It provides its services to more than 200 IIFL Branches In India. IIFL research reports are especially very useful for beginners and people at intermediate levels of knowledge about stock markets.

The recommendations are given by IIFL research reports on stock investments, mutual fund investments, etc save a lot of time on research.

There are different kinds of IIFL research reports and can be accessed freely from their website.

They are helpful for both kinds of players in the market – investors who want to invest for the short to medium term and traders who want to make small trades for the short term or even intraday.

The IIFL reports are published for investments in different time horizons ranging from weekly to monthly, etc. Stay updated, stay wealthy!

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