How to Become IIFL FAN Partner?

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Undoubtedly, IIFL Partnership or Business Models are very new in the finance market. Let’s know about How to become IIFL FAN Partner?

In a span of this short duration, they have been the top choice of people to join IIFL as an IIFL Fan, and it is vital to know how to become IIFL Fan.

To expand its business horizons and offer valuable services to its customers, IIFL has recently launched its Partnership Model. A person keen to work with them can choose one of their partnership programs. 

 IIFL FAN partnership model comes with huge benefits and is worldwide recognized.

Before talking about the IIFL FAN, it is vital to have an understanding of this stockbroker. So, let us begin!

IIFL is one of the top industry players in the Indian Financial Service Sector. Established in 1995, it has grown from a single office to over 2000, located in about 500 cities in India.

IIFL offers its customers a diverse range of trading and investment segments such as IPO (Initial Public Offering), Equity, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Funds, Derivatives including Futures Trading and Options Trading, etc. listed by top exchanges of India. These top exchanges include the below-

  1. NSE (National Stock Exchange)
  2. BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)
  3. MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited)
  4. NCDEX (National Commodities and Derivative Exchange of India)

The main feature of IIFL Fan is that it not only allows its partners to register with them instead also gives them the freedom to set up a new office under IIFL and cater to a wide range of their customers.

IIFL FAN Details

IIFL Partner or FAN or Sub Broker acts as an intermediary between IIFL and its customers by representing itself as the IIFL staff member. 

With IIFL FAN, you can be your own boss and open an area of unlimited earnings possibilities.

He generates more customers for the India Infoline and also, at the same time, handles their existing traders and investors to trade on various platforms smoothly.

IIFL Partnership Model flows in gradual process-identifying prospective customers from the collected data, reaching out to the customers, collecting all the necessary information and documents, and finally registering them with IIFL.

The process does not stop here as the motive behind IIFL FAN is to assist customers until they are linked with IIFL by accurately answering their queries and solving issues effectively.

Being an IIFL FAN partner is a responsible task in which one requires full dedication and professional guidance to assist traders and investors of various segments.

To be an IIFL Fan, one needs to fulfill the primary conditions determined by the IIFL. Without fulfilling these conditions, entry to IIFL FAN is not allowed.

Also, to operate the business as IIFL FAN Partner, you have to undergo the IIFL Sub Broker Registration process to get their partnership model registered with SEBI.

These eligibility requirements are as follow:

  1. The person must be registered with India’s Top Exchange- Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). 
  2. To be eligible for IIFL FAN, the applicant must be over 21 years of age.
  3. To apply for IIFL Fan, one must have successfully completed a higher level of education.
  4. The applicant must have a valid address and identity proof.
  5. The other eligibility criteria is to have at least a year of experience as a Sub-Broker, Broker, Employee to Broker, Marketing Associate, or any other profile linked with the Financial sector.

The above are some of the necessary requirements to apply for the IIFL FAN program. There are other conditions too that depend on the type of Partnership Program that a person chooses.

But, why should one join IIFL as a FAN or Partner?  There are a plethora of reasons why one should choose this stockbroker as a Partner or Fan, and some of these reasons are as below-

  • A variety of products at one place– With IIFL, a trader or an investor can buy or sell stocks and shares across various trading and investment segments such as equity, mutual funds, commodity, currency, initial public offering (IPO), and much more! Hence a partner or FAN can quickly generate clients from any segment.
  • Firm and Strong Backbone- IIFL is well known in the Indian stock market sector that is registered with SEBI and delivers impeccable functions. So definitely anyone wants to join such a renowned brand that would nourish your skills and build your fame in the market.
  • Advanced Technology- With the digitization and development of high tech platforms in the global world, IIFL is not behind in this sector too. It offers extensive and cutting-edge trading platforms to its customers so that they can trade quickly and smoothly.

No matter whether you have a smartphone or not, IIFL has trading platforms that would effectively meet your requirements.

With this portable office, they can add, remove, or modify the customers registered with India Infoline without setting up a workspace. 

  • Regular build-up– To keep its partners or fans up-to-date with the current happenings in the Stock Market, IIFL regularly launches seminars, discussion meetings, conferences, and much more. 

Along with this, continuous recognition programs are also planned and launched by them to appreciate the dedicated customer and also encourage others.

  • Less capital investment- To be a partner or fan with IIFL, you do not need huge capital investment. With a certain and flexible sum of amount, anyone can be an IIFL Fan and avail maximum benefits from their partnership model.
  • Attractive commission- IIFL Partnership revenue system is believed to be fair, transparent, and highly attractive. That is the main reason why many people have joined them as an IIFL FAN. 

Depending on the type of partnership model, the commission is fixed by the IIFL.  In certain cases, the IIFL Sub Broker commission is fixed, whereas, in some, it is charged based on the number of customers generated by the partner.

Steps to Become IIFL FAN

If you think that you are the right person for this program and fulfill the conditions of the IIFL, then you can become a financial advisor with IIFL. To be an IIFL FAN, one needs to register with them. 

But how to become an IIFL Fan is the most popular question asked by many people. So to answer the same, follow the below steps and join IIFL in a quick way.

  1. Simply fill the form below and enter the basic details mentioned in it, such as name and mobile number.
  2. Once you fill the form, these details are sent to the IIFL Central Head Office, and within some time, a callback is arranged for you.
  3. The IIFL Business Executive will call you to understand your business goals and the model in which you are interested in. Once all details are gathered, he will verify whether you fulfill the conditions or not.
  4. If you fulfill those conditions (given above), then the executive will then assist you with the further steps of registration. This will be just a physical interaction and not a verification. 
  5. A local representative of India Infoline from its nearest branch will arrive at your address to collect the necessary documents and get your filled and signed copy of the registration form.
  6. After a successful background check, a FAN User ID and Password are shared with you. 

You can enter these credentials to login on their Partnership site. To complete the IIFL FAN login process, simply click here and enter these details. A new window will appear through which you can view existing and new customers linked with IIF.

Some of the important documents that are required in this process are as below

  • PAN Card
  • Proof of Address- This consists of proof containing your valid address such as Adhaar card, Voter ID, Driving License, Utility Bill (Gas, Electricity or Water), Ration card, Passport, etc.
  • Identity Proof- Identity proof documents can be similar to Address Proof however they must include your present photograph such as Adhaar card, Educational certificates, Valid Passport, etc. 
  • Passport size photographs- Mainly you must have around 6 to 8 passport size photographs at the time of Registration.
  • Academic certificates- Higher, Secondary, Graduation or above level copied documents.
  • Cancelled Bank cheque
  • NISM or NCFM Certificates

Also Review The NISM Full Form

Commission in IIFL FAN

The Commission is one of the most important parts of the business as the whole process depends on it.

If one receives a low commission, then the chances of joining such a company are lesser whereas if the partner or Sub Broker, particularly IIFL FAN, is paid higher, then definitely the services will be quantitative.

IIFL is believed to provide a lucrative commission to its FAN Partner on a regular basis. 

This stockbroker offers a revenue system or commission upto 60%, which majorly depends on the partner or IIFL FAN performance and type of Partnership Model he chooses

And, getting upto 60% of the commission in the Indian Financial sector from a well-recognized stockbroker is highly splendid.

The Commission range is based on certain factors that are different from person to person. These factors include the following:

  • Duration of Experience the IIFL FAN has
  • Amount of investment that the person makes or ready to make
  • The total volume of the business or customers that the person handles and generates to the IIFL
  • The geographical region of the workspace, and much more!

Closing Thoughts 

IIFL or India Infoline is one of the prominent and leading players in the Indian Stock Market sector. To date, it has over 5000+ franchise partners and more than 40 lakh customers are linked with them across the world.

With the IIFL FAN program, one can break the traditional stereotype and become a Financial advisor with IIFL in a digital and paperless way.

With IIFL FAN, one can work independently without any management or work pressure and can flexibly work at any time and from anywhere. 

Through this program, a person can easily turn into an Entrepreneur and generate clients for the IIFL with minimum investment capital. In return, they are paid highly lucrative commission on a fixed and target basis.

Once a person chooses his desired program from their Partnership or Business Models- Franchise, Remisier/Direct Sales Agent, Employee to Entrepreneur, or Marketing Associate, they can straightforwardly register with them.

However, before registering with them, it is vital to have an initial amount to make the upfront payment and set up a workspace. Moreover, the person is required to fulfill their basic requirements to work in a specific model category.

By filling the above form, one will receive a callback from the India Infoline Central Head Department. The Business Executive will assist him in the further process.

Some of the important documents that are necessary during the registration process are shared above.

By registering as an IIFL FAN, one can avail a plethora of benefits such as a higher revenue system, personal support and assistance, personalized branding service, cutting-edge technology platforms, link with the topmost stockbroker, and much more! 

You can start accessing the IIFL partner portal once you become their partner and have the IIFL Sub broker login details.

Just fill in the details below and you will get a call from B2B onboarding team:

Sub Broker Business


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