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Since 1995, IIFL also known as India Infoline has been expanding dramatically in the stock market and offering excellent IIFL Products and services to its valuable customers, which have crossed over 4 million due to its qualitative services in several business segments.

Being a full-service stockbroker, IIFL offers the below products across trading and investment class:

Let us understand about IIFL Products in brief and comprehend why investment in these segments with IIFL is an advantage for a trader or an investor. 

IIFL Products and Services

There is a broad range of IIFL products in the stock market and they have been presenting real market data for these products listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX), etc.

The IIFL is one of the largest distributors of Financial Products holding a comprehensive business network across India and globally. These financial products include Mutual Funds (MFs), IPOs, Life Insurance, and much more!

If you are having a trading account with IIFL then you can trade in these segments via different trading platforms like IIFL Markets, IIFL TTWeb, IIFL Trader Terminal.

Also, you can read IIFL DP ID.

IIFL Financial Products 

Although, India Infoline offers many different services in both retail and institutional segments. 

If you are planning to trade with the IIFL, then after opening IIFL Demat Account you would be able to invest and trade in different segments. 

Here we have highlighted the top products in which you can invest and can earn a good return over time. 

IIFL Equity

Equity is the major trading and investment segment in which most of the people usually involve. In the IIFL Equity segment, you buy the shares of a particular company and sell them when you are expecting to receive profit. 

In the stock market, Equity refers to the claim got in a specific firm or company through a monetary contribution. 

IIFL is known to be one of the leading players in the Equity segment. Even though it is a risky division, the majority of the traders or investors put their money in IIFL’s Equity segment because the rate of profit is comparatively higher than other segments.

IIFL has a powerful research team and excellent customer service representatives to manage and give resolutions to varied customers. Along with this, IIFL Trader Terminal App is very helpful to maximize the user’s experience. 

Through the IIFL pocket guide known to be the IIFL Markets app, which is a mobile app, a user can easily trade from anywhere. 

In the equity segment, IIFL also offers extensive intraday trading tools for the traders keen in  Intraday trading.

Know about How to do Intraday Trading in IIFL , and IIFL BSDA Account.

Besides this, IIFL has many branches in India to assist the customers’ needs and requirements.

IIFL Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds refers to that segment when several traders or investors put their money in a single division, and later that money is invested in different classes or instruments, which is majorly done to diversify the portfolio.

IIFL gives users access to a variety of Mutual Funds through different 42 Asset Management Classes (AMC) with the use of their user-friendly trading platforms that are very easy to operate, quick in speed, and smooth transaction processing with lower IIFL brokerage charges.

Along with flexible mobile and trading platforms, IIFL gives access to its around 700 branches handling mutual funds clients across India. 

IIFL Commodity 

The commodity is a very popular product of IIFL. IIFL allows its users to trade or invest in unique kinds of movable property like gold, metal, and even agricultural products like corn, sugarcane, oil, oilseeds, etc. IIFL offers to trade in commodity futures contracts. 

IIFL has a diverse range of commodity sections with access to the real market and offers extensive charts to help them analyze or predict the specific commodity in the LIVE market context.

IIFL allows its valuable users to trade in the commodity segment with free tips shared by experts and advanced charting to analyze the current market trend.

Through IIFL, you can trade in two original sections of commodity:

  • Agricultural Commodity- It includes grains, oil, oilseeds, pulses, sugar, plantation crops, etc. grown on the agriculture field.
  • Non-Agricultural Commodity- IIFL allows you to trade in the non-agricultural commodity section too, which includes gold, metal, natural gas, crude oil, etc.

IIFL has been working with the Forward Markets Commission (FMC) which is the authority body of Commodity trading.

The brokerage price and plans in IIFL Commodity trading is comparatively lower, as per their services.

IIFL Currency

IIFL gives opportunities to its customers to trade in various currency segments despite any issue. Their trading platform- Trader Terminal gives you smooth and quick access to trade effectively in the currency segment.

IIFL shows a plethora of data to the traders and investors to put money in the currency segment listed by NSE and MCX. 

With IIFL, you can trade all-round the clock, which means you can transact any time or any day in the currency segment.

Instead of one or two choices in Currency segment, IIFL offers multiple transaction choices in the global market such as

  • Euro/US dollar (EUR/USD)
  • US dollar/Japanese yen (USD/JPY)
  • British pound/dollar (GBP/USD)
  • US dollar/Swiss franc (USD/CHF)
  • Australian dollar/US dollar (AUD/USD)
  • US dollar/Canadian dollar (USD/CAD)

IIFL Derivatives

Derivatives are one of the other IIFL products. Through IIFL, you can trade in futures and options with your Demat account. Their extensive research team helps in customizing strategies and recommends favorable techniques to have more profit and gain excessive wealth.

IIFL Options trading provides benefits to its users if done appropriately.

If you are keen interested in derivatives and trade-in options then you should know IIFL Futures Brokerage and enjoy trading at your convenience.

Through IIFL you can trade in multiple sections of derivatives with real-time access to the market and can take advice or help from the IIFL’s representatives available online as well as offline, mostly in each city to deliver a qualified experience to the customers. 

Fixed Income Instruments

Fixed Income Instruments are one of the IIFL financial products and for a decade IIFL has been offering its customers this service.

Some Fixed Income Instruments offered by IIFL are as below:

  • Bonds
  • Fixed Deposits (FDs)
  • Debentures
  • Public Provident Fund (PF), etc.

Through Trade Terminal, one can avail the convenience of buying and selling fixed income instruments quickly and smoothly. 

Buying and selling in Fixed Income Instruments are very secure and safe through IIFL and having such stockbroker who have been handling these segments for a long time it is obvious for traders and investors to trust them.


IIFL offers an investor or trader to trade in IPO through their desktop and mobile trading apps where an innumerable data is shown. 

Moreover, with IIFL you can avoid the hassle of lengthy documents or paperwork and transact each trade at fingertips.

With some of the quick steps, shares can be deposited in the account holder’s Demat account.

IIFL allows you to have access to Free updated IPO news through their website and trading platform.  


In case you forgot to place an order from your favorite script in opening hours, that’s what IIFL AMO provides benefit to you to place an order from 4:30 PM to 8:30 AM online at your convenience and enjoy the benefit of trading.

Closing Thoughts

In a crux, IIFL is also known as India Infoline has been offering various products and services such as Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, IPO, Fixed income instruments, and Mutual Funds for a long time with affordable brokerage charges.

Because of its wide local and global presence, many investors and traders prefer to opt for their valuable services in finance and investment segments. 

IIFL products have been serving more than 4 million customers to date and continue to improvise their platforms to satisfy more customers.

The products of IIFL are listed in context to the real market and the data includes valid scripts from Stock Exchanges of India as IIFL Exchanges like NSE, MCX, BSE, and NCDEX

Thus, with such a wide network and an array of business products, IIFL is one of the largest distributors of financial products. Along with IIFL products, there are some important services too offered by IIFL such as Financial Planning, Wealth Management, and Investment Management.

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