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There are a plethora of facilities that a stockbroker offers to its customers, but IIFL After Market Order is one of the prominent facilities that make this stockbroker a perfect reason why 4 million customers are linked with it.

But, before moving further, it is also important to have basic information in regard to this stockbroker.  India Infoline is abbreviated as IIFL and is one of the prominent players in the Indian financial service sector.

It has over 4000 branches across 900 cities of India.

IIFL offers its customers to buy or sell stocks, shares, and securities in various investment and trading segments such as equityderivativesmutual fundscommoditycurrencyIPO, and much more listed on BSENSEMCX, and NCDEX.

Also, read How to Trade in IIFL and IIFL Advanced Research, IIFL PMS, and IIFL Futures Brokerage.

IIFL has also received various awards and recognitions for offering user-friendly, robust, and dynamic trading platforms that have a collection of comprehensive tools and features.

Now, let us understand what After Market Order (AMO) is?


After Market Order or AMO is a convenience given by the IIFL to its customers in which they can place an order even after the Market is closed. 

Hence, even if a customer forgets or missed his favorite script, he can easily place an order after the market timings.

IIFL offers its valuable customers the After Market Order (AMO) feature, which helps them to buy or sell the stocks, shares, or other securities after the regular trading hours.

All those customers who have a Demat account with IIFL can use this facility while doing online trading.

In case you want to minimize your losses while placing an AMO, then it is good to learn about how to put stop loss in IIFL app?

After Market Order Timings IIFL

The normal timing of trading in the stock market is between 09:15 AM to 03:30 PM. In this duration, a trader or an investor can easily buy and sell stocks. 

However, if an IIFL customer has missed the opportunity to buy or sell a profitable deal, then he or she can opt for an AMO facility through their online trading platforms.

After the closing of the stock market, i.e., 03:30 PM, an IIFL customer, can trade in the desired stocks with ease. The AMO facility in the IIFL can also be available through the Call & Trade feature.

Hence, a user can place or exit order by calling the IIFL team on their tollfree number.

How to place After Market Order in IIFL

IIFL allows its users to place an order through multiple channels or platforms. To initiate a buy or sell order even when the Market is closed, IIFL customers can opt the following ways-

  1. Through Desktop App

IIFL customers who are registered on their Trader Terminal app or IIFL TT web can use two different ways to place an AMO order. Also, you can use IIFL Charts for tracking the stock trends. These ways or methods are as below:

  • The very first and simplest way to place an AMO order is to go to the Market, then click on the After Market Order button, and then enter the Buy or Sell option.
  • The second way is to use the shortcut keys, 

To buy an AMO stock: Ctrl + F1 To sell an AMO order: Ctrl + F2

2. Through IIFL Markets App

Trading after the market hours remains closed is possible through IIFL. 

To place AMO, select the script or stock in which you are interested, then after entering the details such as series type, quantity, price, exchange, etc. select the “Advanced” button.

In the Advanced button, click on the AMO option, and after your confirmation, the order will be instantly placed.

3. Call & Trade method

Buying and selling through AMO are also possible through Call & Trade method. This facility can be available by each and every client linked with IIFL.

An IIFL customer who has their desktop application or using Markets App can place AMO through this facility. 

To use this facility, all you require is to call their customer care representatives, who will then place the order on your behalf.

Closing Thoughts

IIFL offers a plethora of trading and investment features to its customers through their online trading applications or platforms. One of such notable feature is After Market Order (AMO).

When the stock market is closed, and you have missed a great opportunity, you can use this facility provided by the India Infoline.

It allows users to place an order even when the market hours are closed. There are several ways to place an After Market Order or AMO, such as shortcut keys, call & Trade facility, and much more!

Once your Demat account is opened with IIFL, you can avail of such facilities with ease and can maximize your profit.


There are some frequently asked questions by the customers related to AMO. We have tried our best to cover all the queries related to the same. The questions along with their answers are as follows-

  1. In which exchanges does IIFL allow to place AMO?

You can easily place an order in the IIFL AMO feature in India’s Top Exchanges as IIFL Exchanges named NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange.)      

     2. Should the After Market order be placed at the market price? No, you cannot place the order at the market price. You will be required to place the order only with a +5% or -5% range of the closing price of the stock.     

     3. When can an IIFL customer place After Market Orders online? IIFL customers can place orders after the Market is closed from 4:30 PM to 8:30 AM online.

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