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IIFL, also known as India Infoline, has acquired a leading position as a stockbroking firm. Known for offering the exclusive services to its retail and institutional customers, it comes up with the unlimited plans and partner programs.

Here in this article, we will share some of the top benefits of one of its partner programs, IIFL FAN. But before we learn about the IIFL FAN benefits, knowing IIFL, in brief, is necessary.

IIFL is the short name of India Infoline, Mumbai based organization established in 1995 founded by Nirmal Jain. It is spread over a wide range in around 4000+ locations and has branches across 900 cities.

BSE IPF awarded IIFL as the Best Broker with Global Presence.

Having subsidiaries in different locations around the globe, including New York, Mauritius, Colombo, Dubai, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong, it marks a successful international presence.

IIFL is monitored by the Indian regulatory body, i.e., the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), and is registered as a limited public organization.

With its trading platforms, IIFL offers investment in various segments like equity, commodity, currency, mutual funds, derivatives, Initial Public Offering (IPO), etc.

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For a quite long duration of time, the organization has been settled in the industry; the organization also has broad experience and a large network of clients and speculators.

Jumping to the IIFL Financial Advisor, here is an overview of the IIFL FAN partner program.

The term IIFL FAN is used for an individual who works as a mediator between the clients and a stockbroking firm. It helps investors to deal with the securities and operates on behalf of a trading member.

IIFL FAN has no dealing involving the stock exchanges. The only role IIFL plays is to offer helpful tips to the client and assist them in making better financial decisions. 

It’s the responsibility of IIFL FAN to increase the business of IIFL by convincing the clients to invest with the firm and also check that no investor submits any inauthentic documents.

Curious to know the benefits you can reap with the IIFL FAN program. Here are some. 

Benefits IIFL FAN

Here in this section, we will talk about the benefits of becoming IIFL FAN partner.  

  1. Customer acquisition

 It helps to make new customers for the business firm or provide existing customers with such benefits so that they will reinvest in the firm. It is important to build trust and make the client comfortable.

The brand name of the organization helps the customer to build faith in the firm. Here are some of the steps required for customer acquisition. 

  • Identify quality potential clients:  This strategy helps the firm to know how many customers are showing interest and are curious to stay connected with the firm. 
  • Customer Analysis: This helps to check the behavior and clients’ inclination towards the firm’s product and services. 
  • Make effective strategies: After identifying and analyzing, it is essential for IIFL FAN to undertake the best strategies to convince clients and make better market campaigns. 

     2. Higher Revenue Generation

It is very important for every firm to make plans to sell its product and services in the market.

If there is any need for adjustment, then strategies should be changed to increase the revenue. Once your business reaches a stable scale, the minimum monthly income for IIFL FAN will be 50K to 1.5 Lakh.

     3. Marketing Support from IIFL

 As the term suggests, it assists the dealers in their services. IIFL FAN helps the firm in bringing the products and services to the public and assists the dealers in marketing and advertising their services.

IIFL FAN also advertises the products and services of the IIFL securities through different digital media and other platforms available.

     4. Fulfill the Need for Varied Customers

As each and every client has different needs, it becomes the responsibility of IIFL FAN to fulfill the clients’ needs by providing them the most suitable products and services.

    5. Strong Technology Platforms

Platforms are used to ease the customer experience and enhance the accessibility of trading in various financial segments.

IIFL is known for offering a strong technology platform to its clients that help the firm in the following ways.

  • Quicker Response Times
  • Increased Innovation
  • Reduced Risk
  • Bigger Customer Base


IIFL is the leading full-service stockbroking firm in the Indian stock market, founded by Nirmal Jain in 1995.

The firm offers to invest in various segments such as stocks, currency, commodities, derivatives, mutual funds, Initial Public Offering (IPO).

IIFL FAN provides an essential advantage in customer acquisition as it works for building trust in the client’s mind. To become the IIFL FAN partner it is essential to go through the IIFL Sub Broker Registration process to get registered with SEBI.

Once you have registered with them, you can log in to their portal with IIFL Sub broker login details.

A well-built brand name plays an important role in the trust-building of the clients. Further, the marketing of the firm’s products and services helps to make the firm publicly famous. 

We hope this blog has helped you clear your doubts.

You can start accessing the IIFL partner portal once you become their partner and have the login details.

Just fill in the details below and you will get a call from B2B onboarding team:

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