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IIFL, one of the leading and fastest-growing wealth and management companies in India, has launched a new, very unique product for the HNIs and Ultra HNIs clients in the market known as the “IIFL ONE.”

However, before moving further, let us give you a brief about the IIFL first.

IIFL is also known as India Infoline and is one of the popular full-service stockbrokers in India with an impeccable history of more than 20 years. 

Being the fastest growing financial firm, the company offers diverse economic segments to its customers. To mention a few-

The company has three major segments that focus on their niche verticals to become more efficient and effective.

  1. IIFL Securities
  2. IIFL Finance
  3. IIFL Wealth Management

The IIFL Wealth Management deals with the assets and the International Subsidiaries and has won over 16 trophies in the wealth segment. 

The IIFL ONE falls under the Wealth category that offers a plethora of wealth-related services to its customers. 

But, what exactly is IIFL ONE? To have a better idea about the same, let us go through its terms and concepts in a simple and quick way.


IIFL Wealth One is also known as IIFL ONE and is one of the latest platforms by the India Infoline that offers a flat fee per annum from its HNIs (High Net Worth Individuals) clients.

To enhance the client’s experience and to offer them with transparency under a hassle-free environment, managers of IIFL Investment have created customized portfolio management under the “All-in-fee” structure. These services are provided under IIFL ONE.

IIFL ONE consists of an extraordinary team aiming to lessen the clients’ cost in due course. 

The IIFL ONE is not just a single IIFL product that only focuses on a particular segment; instead, it tends to help the HNIs clients enhance their performance through three main models. 

These models are the foundation of IIFL ONE and are as follows

  • Product Expertise: IIFL has won an award for its product innovation with a scale of INR 1.6 trillion AUM (Assets Under Management)
  • Active Advice: IIFL is a pioneer in drafting process-led advisory to its clients.
  • Discretionary Services: IIFL is a leader in multi-asset discretionary wealth management using advanced practices.

These three models form the IIFL ONE, built on the best of all these engagement models. 

IIFL ONE Features

There are a plethora of features of the IIFL ONE. Here are some of the features that HNI clients must be familiar with:

Platform Strength

Without a doubt, IIFL Wealth is undoubtedly known to offer highly robust and dynamic platforms. 

And to support this statement, it is incredibly vital to know that it has won an excellent award in offering Wealth Management services to its customers. 

This award was offered in 2018 in the India Domestic Asian Private Banker Awards for Distinction.

Not just that, you will be surprised to know that in the same year, IIFL has won the award by the Economic Times BFSI Innovation Tribe Awards.

This is a clear view that IIFL ONE holds the strongest elements with highly advanced and user-friendly designs, easy access, and comprehensive tools.

IIFL ONE tends to deliver the best investment services to its customers, along with highly innovative and efficient techniques.

Further, IIFL has launched IIFL NCD where you can earn maximum profits by subscribing it.

Portfolio Management Approach

The other feature of the IIFL ONE is its Portfolio Management Approach. It gives an incredible experience to its account holders to diversify their portfolio in a quick and straightforward way. Also, it provides IIFL Charts facility that allows you to understand the different charts in an easy way.

IIFL ONE team is a perfect combination of market specialists, analysts, etc. who carefully manage each portfolio and give further suggestions and advice to the account holders.

Following are the three main principles that are taken care of when going through each HNI client’s portfolio:

  • Professional Portfolio Management
  • Scientific Deployment Process
  • Institutional Grade Review

Transparent Pricing

The IIFL ONE follows a clear and precise way to offer impeccable services to its customers, and that way is “transparency.” 

And this is achieved through two transparent price models known as Fee-based and All-In-Cost. 

Hence, these price models come with a precise charge without any hidden fees. Also, these models tend to eliminate various commissions and multiple transaction brokerages.

In this regard, IIFL ONE tends to focus on its process and customer satisfaction.

Unique Privileges

One of the other features of IIFL Wealth is that it focuses specifically on its clients’ requirements. This definitely makes the IIFL ONE a perfect choice for most of the HNI clients.

To achieve this, IIFL Wealth offers special privileges to its customers across various platforms.  

How does IIFL ONE Works?

The process of IIFL ONE is quite simple and very efficient as it works on two primary principles. These principles are as below:

The two primary principles are Consult and Mandate or All – In which works together. In the first principle, i.e., Consult, an IIFL expert guides the customer to create a structure as per his investment requirements and also guides to choose the best investment product based on the desires of the customer.

In regards to this, you simultaneously provide all your investment process to the IIFL Wealth experts who professionally handle your portfolio and guide you through various steps.

Within these two models, the other two processes work simultaneously, and these are as follows:

  • Portfolio Guideline
  • Ongoing Reviews

Portfolio Guideline: is an important task that is handled by the client. In this process, which occurs at the very beginning of this whole task, the HNI client shares his objective, motive, risk tolerance, and portfolio limits, etc. to the IIFL ONE experts. 

Through this process, the IIFL experts get an idea about the client’s requirement and work, guide, and define specific workflows accordingly. 

Ongoing Reviews: As the name suggests, Ongoing Review is a process in which a customer verifies or reviews his portfolio’s ongoing operation.

He makes sure that the requirements are fulfilled, and strategy has been followed well as per his changing needs.

Closing Thoughts

To strengthen the IIFL Wealth offerings for India’s highly Investment clients, the Investment Managers of the IIFL came up with IIFL ONE, which will have a separate asset management team that will accurately handle these clients.

IIFL Wealth tends to handle these Indian high net-worth clients effectively since they will be arranged in a single platform- IIFL ONE.

This will further help them in handling these clients potentially by effectively managing their portfolios and also through the All-in-one transparent fee structure.

Till 2018, they had nearly 12000 families in HNI and Ultra HNI clients holding more than Rs. 1.40 lakh crore of assets. 

Hence, this clearly defines that IIFL ONE is a better choice for the HNI clients where they are offered with a transparent price structure, special offers or opportunities, customized portfolios, expertise knowledge, and a lot more!


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