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There are many features offered by IIFL, but IIFL Advanced Research is a perfect tool offering in-depth research on more than 2000 stocks available in the stock market.

IIFL Full Form is India Infoline and is one of the full-service stockbrokers in India. It offers financial services in the Indian stock market.

To mention a few- NSEBSENCDEX, and MCX are some of the exchanges. India Infoline serves over 4 million customers worldwide and has around 4000 branches in 900 cities of India.

The Trading platforms of IIFL- Trader Terminal and Markets App, have built a very positive reputation in the market as it offers advanced tools, dynamic features, and extensive research facility.

What Advanced Research is?

Advanced Research is a decision-making tool offered by IIFL towards a stock that helps you uncover promising ideas to conduct analysis. 

William J. O’Neil introduced CAN SLIM Methodology after doing an in-depth study of the most significant winning stocks over the past 125 years. After analyzing the stocks, he discovered some sets of familiar characters he termed as CAN SLIM.

CAN SLIM stands as C for Current Quarterly earnings of a firm, A for Annual Earnings Growth, N for New product or services, S for Supply & Demand, L for Leader or Laggard, I for Institutional Sponsorship, and M for Market Direction

The Advanced Research in the IIFL’s Markets App has four segments named as

  • Evaluation
  • Idea Lists
  • Market Outlook
  • Model Portfolio


With the use of an evaluation feature, you can quickly get a stock rank with the IIFL Master score’s, a proprietary summary rating based on the EPS, Price Strength, Buyer Demand, and Group Rank ratings.

The evaluation Details tab bar gives information about the stock in small sections so that a trader or an investor can have a better understanding of the fundamental and technical data.

In the Related tab, you can view top stocks in a similar industry by Relative Strength and Master Score. 

The Checklist tab offers you CANSLIM parameters along with ratings in terms of Pass or Fail. It is believed that the higher number of passing marks a stock receives, the better is the quality of a stock. 

Some other essential terms in the Evaluation section are as below-

  1. Master Score Rating- The Master score is a necessary term used in the IIFL Advanced Research, which combines most profitable stocks features into an easy-to-use rating.

The formula combines the profit pattern, relative price strength, price-volume characteristics, and other vital factors.

      2. EPS Strength– The easy route is to build up its Earnings per Share (EPS) Rating to distinguish such stocks from others. 

Indian stocks are positioned on a 1–99 scale, with 99 being the best. We recommend concentrating your endeavors on stocks with an EPS Rating of at any rate 80.

      3. Buyer Demand or Accumulation/ Distribution RatingA speedy method to monitor the final products of expert exchanging is the Accumulation/Distribution Rating, which depends on the daily value and volume changes. 

Idea Lists

Idea Lists is another section in the IIFL Advanced Research Tab.

This gives an idea to the traders and investors a view to actively trade through IIFL platforms and choose the right stock for buying and selling.

In Idea Lists, IIFL customers can view stocks, shares, or other securities based on three scenarios-

India Model Portfolio

Here, a trader or an investor can view the winning stocks handpicked by IIFL Experts. He can view stock’s current holdings, recently added stocks, latest removals, and much more!

In this section, you can view and monitor the already purchased stocks.

Robo Advisor- In the Robo Advisor, you can view the Top IND 47 stocks list, an algorithmically generated list of India’s most successful stocks. 

IND47 gives you an algorithmically produced rundown of the top development stocks in India. One would then filter through top stocks utilizing “TOP STOCKS- NEAR BUY POINT.” 

However, the rundown doesn’t consider the graph designs. When you select any stock, you should investigate further and sit tight for the ideal purchase point before taking an official choice on that specific stock.

Guru Screens- IN the Guru Screens, you can have access to follow strategies of various stock market experts such as William J. O’Neil, Benjamin Graham, and James P.O’Shaughnessy.

Market Outlook

The overall movement of the Indian Stock Market influences singular stocks; comparing to it, the tide raises or brings down all boats. 

Comprehend the market’s effect on your stocks, making you realize whether to head out or be a surrendered transport. 

IIFL has a target method of investigating the market, and to make it less complicated, they have grouped the market into four distinct conditions. 

These conditions are as follows

Confirmed Uptrend: Confirmed Uptrend refers to the best time to buy stocks in the stock market.

Uptrend Under Pressure: Uptrend under pressure refers to proceed in the stock market carefully.

Market in Correction: This means that a trader or an investor should avoid fresh buys.

Rally AttemptThis implies to wait for the stock market to go through or intense price action in successful stocks before making new positions.

Hence, Market Outlooks gives a customer a piece of extensive information regarding the stock market, which can be viewed daily or weekly. 

In this report, the Indian market condition, IND 47 performance evaluation, sector reports, and other useful reports are shared with the client.

Market Portfolio

Model Portfolio contains a record of stocks that qualify CANSLIM measures and are included in the record on a legitimate breakout from their turns (resistance levels). 

IIFL Investors or traders can consider buying such stocks when they are added to the list or record. It is suggested that stocks are included when they are inside 5–7% value go from their turn levels. Likewise, financial specialists can eliminate stocks.

Hence, in IIFL Advanced Research, the “Market Portfolio” contains the below reports created in various parameters

  • Current Holdings list
  • Stocks recent additions and removals
  • Opportunity to buy stock/s
  • NSE weekly performance report on overall performance

In the Market Portfolio section, following tabs can be easily accessed by the IIFL user who shares in-depth information of a stock-

  1. Current Holding

This tab includes all the stocks that are currently a member of the Model Portfolio.

Furthermore, it provides a list of stocks that are potential stocks for giving immense profit to the trader or investor.

    2. Actionable Buys

This section tells about the stocks that you currently need to buy in your portfolio.

    3. Recent Additions

This section offers information about recently added & removed stocks in the Model Portfolio Stocks.

With the help of CAN SLIM methodology, based on the market’s volatility, stocks are added and removed.

    4. Buy Watchlist

In the Buy Watchlist Tab, an IIFL Trader or an investor keep track of his brought stocks & identify potential stocks to diversify his portfolio. 

    5. Sell Watchlist

The “Sell Watchlist” identifies a list of stocks in the Model Portfolio, which shows a sign of weakness that must be removed from the portfolio as they won’t give any profit.

IIFL Advanced Research Charges

Any customer having a Demat account with the IIFL can use their Advanced Research facility by paying a certain sum of money. 

The subscription plans along with charges to use IIFL Advanced Research are as follows-


*However, you can avail Quarterly and Annual plan services at Rs. 2500 and Rs. 4999 respectively.

IIFL Advanced Research Features

There are some features that a customer can avail by opting for the IIFL Advanced Research Feature. These features include the following-

  • Full Chart Evaluation 
  • Buy & Sell Ranges  
  • Well Researched Stock Alerts 
  • India47 Premium List 
  • Weekly Handwritten Model Portfolio Commentary 

Along with this, some other features offered in Basic and Premium Plans are as below-


Closing Thoughts

IIFL is a full-service stockbroker that caters its customers with a wide range of trading and investment products, tools, and platforms to enhance their trading experience.

Undoubtedly, over the past few years, IIFL has experimented a lot in offering qualitative features and services to its customers, but the IIFL, Advanced Research facility, is one of the prominent features offered by this stockbroker.

It has made the trading and investment process smooth and simple. Along with this, the fundamental and technical analysis of a specific stock has been simplified and quicker. 

IIFL Advanced Research is well-equipped with four main pillars that make it unique and a perfect choice for the people to understand trading concepts and create strategies with the help of all-time Stock market experts such as William J. O’Neil, Benjamin Graham, and James P.O’Shaughnessy.

Over the period of time, many recommendations have been made in the IIFL Advanced Research feature and in its pillars. These pillars have their own importance and offer diverse services to its customers. 

Evaluation, Model Portfolio, Ideas List, and Market Outlook are the pillars of this Advanced research feature that help investors to wisely choose a particular stock from many.

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