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There are a plethora of reasons why IIFL Securities is one of the most popular full-service stockbrokers in the Indian financial sector, and one such reason is its powerful tool- IIFL charts. 

Charts play an essential role in choosing the right stock in various trading and investment segments of the stock market. These segments include the following-

Having an understanding of these charts helps a person to become a successful trader and investor. So if you are looking ahead for opening a Demat account with the IIFL then it is good to grab all the essential information around the charts provided by them. 

IIFL Live Charts

Have you ever thought about how traders and investors in the stock market know when to buy or sell a particular stock?

Or do you wish to improve your performance to earn more? If yes, then IIFL Live Charts will surely help you in fulfilling the same.

IIFL Live charts share stocks and indices’ movement in real-time, used by the experts, masters, and professionals of the stock market.

In addition to this, it gathers information, evaluates market conditions, and make wise decisions.

There are three different types of IIFL charts available on their Trading Platforms( IIFL Markets App and IIFL Trader Terminal), namely- 

1. Candlestick Charts

The first IIFL chart is Candlestick.  The main feature of this IIFL chart is that a trader or an investor can choose from over 200+ indicators as stock analysis tools.

This tool can help you in creating your own opinions on price movements and earn a considerable profit.

By selecting this IIFL chart, one can view the stock price movement and other details in colorful patterns. 

IIFL customers can easily view the movement of a specific stock for up to five years. In these movements, one can clearly observe the volume of the buy and sell too.

The main features of IIFL Candlestick charts are as follows- 

  • It allows its users to compare between two or more stocks simultaneously.
  • The user can even draw on a live stock chart and write a comment on the price peak.
  • This chart allows its users to use up to 200+ indicators to analyze a stock.
  • View stocks movement to capture the selected timeframe trend, such as one day, five days, one month, three months, five months, and a year.

User can view and analyze the stocks’ with the help of the CandleStick chart by following the steps below-

  1. Login as a client or guest in the IIFL Markets App. 
  2. Simply click on the desired stock and click on the “ADV charts.” 
  3. At the topmost right section, you could see this icon- 
  4. Click on the dropdown menu, and select the first chart- Candlestick. 
  5. Now, you can view the stock movements in the colorful patterns.


Basically, OHLC is the representation of the stock prices in open, high, low, and the closing way through a bar chart of each period.

Its name says it all! OHLC – Open, High, Low, and Close momentum of stocks.

OHLC in the IIFL charts is widely used and preferred by the traders since they share the detailed aspects of stock, considering “closing” as the significant aspect of a stock.

IIFL OHLC is one of the prominent features of IIFL Trading platforms as it shows the price momentum in increasing and decreasing aspects.

The comparison among various stocks can also be done in the OHLC charts and can analyze them for five years. 

To view the stock details in the OHLC chart, follow the above-stated steps and in place of Candlestick, simply click on the “OHLC.”

The high and low displaying the full price range of that particular period is really useful in evaluating volatility. There are several patterns that a trader can view on OHLC charts.

AREA Chart

The area is another IIFL Chart and shows a single way to represent quantities that change from time to time visually.

You would require to follow the same process of choosing a specific stock and then select the “Area” chart.

Through IIFL Charts, one can view how price and volume actually affects the overall performance of the particular stock. 

One of the most important things in the stock market to successfully read charts in recognizing downtrends and uptrends just after the trend has begun.

To achieve the same, traders opt for Area Charts that are super easy and require a straight-forward process. 

Area charts are very clean and straightforward to use. Filling the space below the price really highlights the trend for the stock.

The other benefit of Area Charts is that it has the ability to see the bigger picture by extending the amount of history that is being shown.

In comparison to the line chart, you do not lose a lot of information if you add a longer time duration in the chart.

If you are new to investing and charting, then the area chart is an excellent tool for you. It highlights the price action without making it more complex. The area charts are mostly used by Long-term money managers to predict the trend.

IIFL Charts Analysis 

IIFL charts hold a very prominent position for analyzing the movement of stocks. There are a plethora of benefits related to IIFL charts. Some are listed as below-

  1. One of the simplest and easy-to-use tools to determine stock movement.
  2. IIFL user can view the movement of the stocks for the last five years.
  3. IIFL Charts allows its users to view, analyze, and predict stocks in the real-time data. 
  4. The information shared in IIFL charts is accurate.
  5. The details related to a stock can be viewed in three different charts – Candlestick, OHLC, and Area.
  6. Even investors can view the movement in daily and weekly charts.
  7. Through IIFL Charts, one can view information on various trading and investment segments. 


In a nutshell, we can say that IIFL charts are very significant in analyzing a stock price movement from time to time.

IIFL offers three different charts known to be Candlestick, OHLC, and Area that help an investor or a trader to apply three multiple studies, such as Price, Volume, and Moving Average.

Each IIFL chart has its own properties and advantages. Such as in the Candlestick chart types, one can view the stock movement in colorful patterns like candles and can even make a comparison between two stocks or more.

With IIFL charts, one can easily view and predict the fluctuation of stocks and can buy or sell them accordingly. 

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