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There are numerous IIFL forms for the investors and traders who open a Demat account with them or desire to avail various other services.

IIFL being a full-service stockbroker in India offers trading platforms such as:

India Infoline is popularly known as IIFL and since 1995 it is offering impeccable services in the stock market segments such as Equity, derivatives, commodity, currency, IPO, mutual funds, and much more!

To get access to several features, you can download and print out these IIFL forms directly from their website.

IIFL Forms and Format

A plethora of IIFL forms and formats are available on the IIFL official website for the users who either want to open a Demat account with them or want to avail other services such as:

  • Selecting a nominee 
  • Closing Demat account
  • Dematerializing the securities
  • Updating KYC
  • Changing the bank details
  • Change of address
  • Opting for POA (Power of Attorney), etc. 

Some of these forms require an account holder to attach the mandatory documents along with a certain sum of the amount.

The existing clients of IIFL can either submit the forms online or can submit them at the nearest IIFL branch in India.

If you are looking for an investment in IIFL, an open opportunity is open for you to subscribe to IIFL NCD Finance to maximize your profits.

Some of the important IIFL forms along with their submission process is shared as below:

IIFL Account Closure Form

In case you no longer want to continue trading and investing in the stock market you can simply close the Demat account.

However, before closing it make sure that all the holdings are shifted out and no due or charge is pending against you. 

Now, choose the IIFL closure form from the CDSL or NSDL. If your account was opened with CDSL, then under the CDSL category on the IIFL website choose the account closure request form

Download the account closing form opened in a new tab and take its printout. Correctly fill and sign the form along with entering all the account-related details. 

Next, you can submit the IIFL closing form to your Relationship Manager (RM) or to the nearest franchise. 

Apart from this, if the account holder wants to shift the account to another or wants to transfer the balance to another account, then Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) is mandatory along with this closure form. 

The process of account closure in CDSL and NSDL is quite a bit similar. 


IIFL POA form, which is also known as the Power of Attorney form, gives authorization to the IIFL to operate your Demat account. Through POA, IIFL can debit a share from your Demat account whenever a share is sold. 

If you are buying or selling stocks online, then POA is a mandatory procedure since it helps in making the transaction process quick and smooth.

Thus, helping in delivering the shares in T+2 days without any delay or unnecessary penalties. 

Simply follow the steps given above to navigate to the forms downloading section of IIFL. 

Under the “other forms” section, click on POA Form. Take the printout of the form after downloading and fill all the required details along with your signature.

After filling all the details, submit the document at the nearest IIFL Branch where a representative will verify the details and send it for further processing.

IIFL KYC Form Download

As per the SEBI guidelines, KYC formalities are necessary to be fulfilled by all the investors and traders irrespective of the segment they are interested in or they are putting their money in.

On behalf of all mutual funds, a wholly-owned subsidiary with the name CVL  (CDSL Ventures Ltd) issues and acknowledgment after carrying out the process of KYC. 

CVL is an independent team of CDSL depository and thus special arrangement was done so that IIFL mutual funds investors can smoothly carry out the transaction process.

KYC facility for the investors is absolutely free of cost and the information is provided only once and the following documents are required to be submitted along with the form:

  • PAN number (Permanent Account Number)
  • Identity proof (aadhar card, voter ID, ration card, passport, educational certificates, etc.)
  • Address proof (ration card, water bill, electricity bill, passport, etc.)
  • Passport size photograph

In order to download the KYC form, simply click here. After attaching all the necessary documents along with the form, submit the same to your nearest franchise or contact your RM (Relationship Manager).

IIFL Nomination Form

The IIFL nomination form can be downloaded easily from their website. Choosing a nominee will allow an account holder to choose a person that can have access to all the holdings after the sudden demise of the account person. 

Each CDSL and NSDL depositories have their own forms and formats to apply for a nominee in demat account.

Along with this, there are some rules and regulations that need to be taken into consideration while choosing a nominee. 

Although an individual can choose a nominee, however,  a non-individual body such as agency, society, firm, corporates, etc. cannot choose a nominee in each depository. 

CDSL and NSDL allow an account holder to choose up to 3 nominees. 

Simply download the nominee form and print it out. Enter the required details related to your account and details of the nominee. Further,  send the signed form to the local branch of IIFL.

IIFL Bank Change Form

In case your account details have been changed or modified, you can update the same with IIFL by choosing the “change in the account details” form where you will be required to enter your complete details such as Name, Address, Bank details, DP details, etc.

These details will also include the proofs for making the changes in your account details.

You can download the form from here.

IIFL Address Change Form

Furthermore, if in case you are looking to change your residential or official address that is currently mentioned in your profile, you need to use the same “change in the account details” form, make the requisite changes, sign it and then send it the closest branch of IIFL.

Within 3-4 business days, your new address should be visible in your account profile.

This form can be downloaded from here.

IIFL Account Opening Form

IIFL offers both online and offline processes to open the Demat Account. If you want to apply offline, then visit the website and download the account opening form. 

Also, you can collect the Demat account opening form from the IIFL branch near you. 

Fill all the essential fields like and attach the essential documents required to open a Demat account. 

IIFL Demat Account Deactivate

Sometimes an account holder wants to freeze or deactivate his account to prevent unauthorized transactions. Hence, IIFL offers the facility of freezing the account in quick and simple ways.

As with other processes, download the form from the IIFL website and choose the right depository that you are working with. 

Take the printout of the form and enter all the details. After filling in the details, send the document to the nearest IIFL branch or franchise.

IIFL Forms Download

To download forms and formats of IIFL, simply follow the steps below:

In this review, we have mentioned the form for each kind of request you might be looking for and provided the corresponding download link for your reference.

Else, you can have a look at the below-mentioned steps too:

  1. Visit the IIFL’s official website.
  2. At the bottom of the main page, click on “download forms” under the trading documentation
  3. A new window will appear from where you can select any form and format as per the requirement. Each category contains the link from where the documents can be printed out.

IIFL Account Opening Form Download

One of the most commonly asked for IIFL forms is the IIFL account opening form. This is obviously sought by the potential trading clients of this full-service stockbroker.

You can easily download this form from here.

Else, of course, you can fill up with this below-mentioned form and we will take care of arranging the callback:

Open Free Demat Account
Enter basic details here and a Callback will be arranged for You!

IIFL Closure Form Download

At the opposite side of the spectrum, there might be existing clients who are looking to close their Demat account with this stockbroker.

The IIFL closure form can be taken from here.

IIFL POA Form Download

As a separate thread, POA a.k.a Power of Attorney has always been an ambiguous spot for most of the traders.

It is always inherently felt that there are high chances that the broker may misuse the POA form that has been signed up the trading client.

Yes, there is a chance of that happening but looking at the overall stock market size, chances are minuscule.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to download the IIFL POA form, it can be done from here.

Closing Thoughts

Since the IIFL forms are easily available on the website the account holder can easily make several changes related to his Demat account. The steps to find various IIFL documents is similar. 

After navigating to IIFL official website, click on “download forms” in the below section of the page under Trading Documentation. This step will quickly take you to a new screen from where you can choose the form as per your requirement.

Select the form as per your trading depository and print it out. Fill the form with the correct details and attach the documents required along with it.

After correctly entering the details, submit the form to the nearest IIFL branch or franchise. You can also share the form with your RM (Relationship Manager).

Lastly, in case you are looking to open your demat account, we can certainly assist you in taking the next steps ahead:

Open Free Demat Account
Enter basic details here and a Callback will be arranged for You!


Here are more references about IIFL for you:


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