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Every year on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, the stock market becomes a buzz with trading activities for about one hour where you mark a new beginning. But how to start and which stocks for Muhurat trading can you select?

Not having an idea? Fret not! Here we are with the top stock picks and recommendations by Angel One that can help you make a good start. 

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Now, let’s check the following segments to know more about the stocks for Muhurat Trading.

What Is Muhurat Trading? 

On the shubh day of Diwali, the stock exchanges allow the traders to trade for one hour, where the execution of the order can take place in different segments.

Therefore, on this Diwali, November 4th, 2021, get the opportunity to trade at the beginning of Samvat, that is Hindu’s New Year.

It remarks a symbol of wealth, good charm, and prosperity in which the investing and trading communities pay tribute to goddess Lakshmi, the benevolent deity of wealth and prosperity. Hence, Muhurat Trading gives the perfect window to start investing.

Best Stocks for Muhurat Trading 

After knowing the details of the trading day, now, which will be the best stocks for Muhurat Trading? Without wasting much time, let’s check the stocks for Muhurat trading. 

As per Angel One, the recommended stocks for Muhurat Trading are as follows:


These recommendations by  Angel One can help you in grabbing good returns on the Shubh Day of Diwali during Muhurat Trading.

Top Sector for Muhurat Trading

Although we have discussed some of the stocks that can give you potentially high returns or an opportunity to earn a profit, what are the specific sectors an investor should look for?

Are these some of your primary concerns under the stocks for Muhurat Trading?

If so, then here is the answer. The Banking sector can offer a fantastic route towards earning better profits.  

Other than this, you can look for stocks in the automobile, IT, Pharma, and Steel industries. 

Apart from the banking sectors, the traders can go with a quick analysis to pick stocks for long term investment and intraday trading. 

Is Muhurat Trading Profitable

After looking at various parameters of Muhurat Trading, what is the concern that is stopping you from trading? 

It can be a question like, Is Muhurat Trading Profitable? Isn’t it? If yes, then why not let’s check the factors that actually make the Muhurat Trading profitable for the traders. 

For the traders and investors, it is the time when they believe in investing on a religious day as a Shagun. 

Generally, the share market shows a bullish trend on Muhurat Trading. If the historical data is taken into consideration, then it can be clearly seen that in 2020, Sensex achieved a new record all-time high by jumping 145 points

Hence, it will be a good option for traders and investors to do ‘Ek Nayi Shuruaat’ with Angel One in this Muhurat Trading hour.

Muhurat Trading can be beneficial for the traders or investors who enter the market with the target price along with some guidance that can help them make the most of Muhurat Trading.

This shubh trading can lead to generating good profits. Hence, why not trade in the stocks for Muhurat Trading like the one mentioned above and grab the right opportunity.

Muhurat Trading Timing 

It is also essential to have a look at the Muhurat Trading timings. This duration is different from the general stock market timings in India and this needs to be considered by you while you trade during this day.

Therefore, let’s cover the different timing sessions, including block deal sessions, pre-open sessions, normal market, and call auction section, as well as closing sessions.

To check the same, let’s dive into the following table.


Can We Do Intraday In Muhurat Trading? 

Along with investors, there are aggressive traders in the market as well, who look for trading opportunities during Muhurat Trading. 

But can you do intraday trading in Diwali Muhurat?

Yes, you can, but it is important for you to consider the detailed analysis of the stocks, stay away from market rumors, and do not forget to exit the position at the right time. 

So, by following the right intraday trading strategy, you can make the best use of the 1-hour Muhurat trading on Diwali.


For trading in the share market, the top stocks recommendations can offer better results to the traders and investors.

Likewise, it is essential to check the stocks for Muhurat Trading to gather the lists of the shares which can go with your preference. 

Hence, to trade efficiently, it is time to go with the top stock picks for Muhurat Trading and make the most of this auspicious occasion.

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