Is Muhurat Trading Profitable?

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Can We trade on Diwali?  Is it the right time to trade? Will it give you better profits? Is Muhurat trading profitable? If your concern revolves around these questions, then this informative piece will help resolve the queries around the factors that can help gain more under Muhurat Trading.

Muhurat Trading

As the festive season is at its peak, how will the traders benefit from the share market? For this, every year, the share market allows the traders to earn more with Muhurat Trading. 

Wondering how?

The Muhurat Trading is allowed in the share market as it represents the beginning of Hindu’s New Year, i.e. Samvat that acts as the day of good luck, wealth and prosperity.

In Muhurat Trading, the share market opens for one hour, starting from 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm. In this one hour, the traders get the opportunity to earn more.

After looking at the Muhurat trading gist, it is time to check whether or not is Muhurat Trading profitable? 

Muhurat Trading Rules 

Before looking at the different Muhurat Trading rules, the most important facet is that for only one hour, the market session will be open corresponding to the Laxmi Pujan time.

Now, here are some other Muhurat Trading rules as mentioned below:

  • It is essential to check the trends on the Muhurat trading as most of the traders enter the market during this time. This results in the market following a bull run for some time. 
  • Under Muhurat Trading, specifically in intraday trading, it is essential to stay away from rumors created at the time of the assigned hour. The rumors have the potential to make the market fluctuate at a massive rate and often resulting in losses. 
  • Under intraday trading, it is necessary to square off the open positions 15 minutes before the market closes.

Is Muhurat Trading Profitable is a question that appears in the mind of most of the investors or traders? Isn’t it? If you are also among the traders who want to earn more and greater returns, keep reminding yourself of the rules mentioned above to make Muhurat trading beneficial.

Muhurat Trading can act like a route that takes the traders towards earning better returns.

Muhurat Trading can be a shubh and good opportunity or a beneficial trading type for the investor who is looking for the perfect time to enter the stock market.

Muhurat Trading Timing

It will be more beneficial to look at the different timings of Muhurat trading that can give some understanding for the right entry and exit timings.

Therefore, to pen down a few timings as per the Muhurat Trading, let’s refer to the following table.


Stocks for Muhurat Trading

But which stocks to select while doing Muhurat trading? To gather more gains while trading on an auspicious day, it is important to make a list of the stocks that can actually give some promising results to the traders.

Therefore, to get the list of the best stocks for Muhurat Trading, let’s delve inside the following table.


From the above table, it is clear that the top sector for Muhuat trading is an automobile, banking, pharmaceutical, etc. So do a proper analysis of these sectors and stocks before making an investment decision.


Muhurat Trading can be helpful for the traders who trade with some specific rules and target of earning.

Therefore, if you too want to achieve more profits this Diwali with the Shubh Trading type, then it is the right opportunity to go with Muhurat Trading Today.

Also, to maximize the profit consider the Muhurat trading brokerage charged by different stockbrokers to gain more.

Start with the procedure of opening an account within 15 minutes and make the best of Muhurat trading. 

Why to wait for more then? Open the account, enter the market, and get higher profits at better Muhurat.

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