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Do you know that the journey of the stock market can be made easy, fun, and effortless with stress free trading?

Well, if you are not sure or have some doubts related to the same then give this review a quick view. By the end of the review, you will believe that not all investments are tough or painful in the back.

Let’s begin this journey with the introduction of the word “trading”. 

In the financial sector, when you buy or sell securities related to different segments it’s known as Trading. Trading and investment are highly popular in the stock market. 

A trader buys or sells an underlying asset, securities, or stock within a day or two. He often trades for the short term.

However, on the other side, an investor plans for the long term hence buy or sell the security after waiting for a while such as a few weeks, months, or years.

Now, that’s about trading and investing. But, do you know what are the classes or segments in the investment world? 

Well, there are numerous investment and trading segments such as equity, mutual funds, IPO (Initial Public Offering), commodity, currency, derivatives (futures, options), and many more! 

Trading in futures is quite risky and uncertain, but at the same time the risk can be minimized by using the best Indicators for Day Trading Futures and reap its benefits.

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And apart from this, there are seven different sectors in the stock market that includes technology, industrial, pharmaceutical, utilities, financial, telecom, etc. 

The first and foremost step to the stock market is to open a demat account with a reputed stockbroker but prior to that it is best to know the rules of share market.

There are many full-service, discount, and hybrid brokers available in the market who offer impeccable trading tools, cutting-edge technology, advanced platforms, the lowest brokerage charges, and valuable tips and recommendations. 

The right stockbroker makes the Share Market Account Opening process easy. That is why research the broker before opening an account with them.

Now, that was all about the stock market and trading. Let’s know how to do stress free trading and learn about some of the stress free trading online strategies.

Let’s start! Shall we? 

Although it seems to be a roller coaster, believe us it will be worth it. 

Stress Free Trading Types

Undoubtedly, with the advancement in technology and everything on the go, it’s a bit easy to do trading and investment.

Also, opening a trading and demat account has also become easy and can be made just like noodles in two minutes.

But to excel in trading and smoothly trade on the stocks listed in various exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX, it’s crucial to have a stress free trading strategy. 

Surely, it will take some time to have such an effective strategy since you will be required to research and analyze multiple strategies, and along with this, you will be required to practically use this strategy on the virtual trading platforms. 

Apart from this, it will be necessary for you to be unbiased with yourself to determine which strategy suits you the best and which do not. 

But, do you really need your own strategy? Why can’t you just follow what traders and investors are already following in the market?

Always remember that all fingers are not the same. Similarly, not every trader is the same. Each trader has his own requirements, investment capital, risk appetite, different experience level, etc. hence, you cannot follow others.

You will be required to have your own strategy, just like you wear custom-made clothes at your wedding!

If you understand this principle then within a minute or two you can create a profitable and successful stress free trading strategy.

There are several strategies available in the stock market and one of the best can be chosen based on your needs since it’s an important decision we recommend you not to be quick in your decision. 

Let’s have a look at some of the stress free trading strategies. You can choose any one technique from the list given below:

  • Intraday trading
  • Scalping
  • Position trading
  • Swing trading

Now, it’s time to understand them briefly! 

Intraday Trading 

There are some people who make their trading specifically full-time. This set of people have sufficient time to keep an eye on the stock market and buy or sell stock and shares simultaneously, then there are a few who tend to make a profit on a daily basis. 

All three types of traders combined to define an Intraday or day trader.

  • In fact, this is the most popular type of trading in the stock market. 
  • As an intraday trader, you will buy and sell the underlying asset, stock, or security within the day i.e. before the closing of the market (Around 3PM) to protect yourself from the market fluctuations that can take place on the next day. 
  • Without a doubt, Intraday trading is an excellent choice to make ample money within a day, albeit it will also require some extra time to keep an eye on the market and stock trend regularly to avoid major intraday trading mistakes.

Hence, it’s one of the best stress free trading tips that can higher your profit earnings!


When a trader makes a shorter-term commitment while doing intraday trading then it’s called scalping.

  • In such kind of trading, traders hold their position in a particular trading deal for a few minutes or a few seconds.
  • Scalping rules require a trader to follow two important measures- complete and careful attention for a day and secondly, accuracy.
  • Scalping is one of the best stress free trading ways to earn profits from smaller – smaller ups and downs. For that you need to adopt the right Scalping Strategy like charts, graphs, and many more. 

Since currency trading is highly volatile, it is good to know How to do Scalping in Forex?

Position Trading

The other term commonly used for Position trading in the stock market is ‘long position trading.’ 

  • If you have less time and you are not seeking daily returns, then long position trading can fit accurately for you.
  • This is prominent stress free trading system where the position traders invest their money for a long time so that instead of earning profits on smaller fluctuations, they can make a major wealth through higher fluctuations occurring over a period of time.
  • Unlike scalping and intraday trading, position traders invest for several months or make a few years. 
  • Hence, the underlying asset such as stock is also analyzed over a week or month until and unless a major boost in the prices has been shown.

Swing Trading

In simpler terms, swing trading is a sort of midway between position trading and intraday trading. During investing, swing traders do not hold their position for a long time and neither do they plan to make profits within a day.

  • Typically, Swing traders analyze the underlying asset or stock for a few days or weeks and then buy or sell them.
  • Swing traders wait for the stocks that prove to be volatile with extreme price changes over a short period of time. 

So, these were the four different stress free trading strategies based on the time frame. You can choose the one by trying all four of them and see which suits you the best! 

Apart from these, there are three other stress free trading strategies that are based on the way of trading namely Technical trading, fundamental trading, and qualitative trading. 

Let’s see what these strategies have to offer in the wide array of investments! 

Technical Trading: Technical trading is entirely dependent on the technical charts. In such kinds of trading, traders use RSI or Relative Strength Index, moving averages, etc. that are based on technical indicators. Also, if you trade in options then you can choose the best indicator for option trading.

If you have excellent hands-on kind of work that requires accuracy and in-depth analysis then technical trading can be stress free trading for you!

  • Fundamental Trading: In this strategy, traders predict the stock price only by analyzing and comparing the present and past values of the stock. 
  • Quantitative Trading:  Quantitative trading strategies are intensively used by experienced traders who have excel in using mathematical models to predict the movement of the stock price. 

Now, you have a good list of seven techniques discussed in this article and now you can choose the best and stress free trading strategy for you easily. 

Let’s quickly give this review a comprehensive conclusion! 

To Sum Up

The aforementioned were some of the trading and investment techniques popular and most-opted by the people buying and selling an underlying asset such as commodity, derivatives, equity, currency, etc in the market. 

To be successful in the stock market you can easily choose one or even more strategies that fulfill your requirements and are best suited for you! 

And you must not forget that it is fine to make mistakes and then learn. Sometimes we rise and sometimes we might fall too.

You can also use certain virtual trading apps or even a few stock market learning apps to understand the stock market and practice your trading technique. 

Once you have used and tested the strategy, stay with your chosen strategy and try to become a pro in the same. Once you have earned perfection, it can turn your trading and investment into stress free trading.

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