How To Enter In The Stock Market?

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Many people who show a keen interest in the financial service sector must have a vital question like- How to enter in the stock market?

Well, the answer to the question relies upon your understanding of the concept and a few other crucial steps of entering the Stock Market

However, before making a decision to earn passive income through the securities market you must be able to undertake the various risks associated with it during different sectors. 

And secondly, the reason to enter in the stock market must be crystal clear and the decision must be strong and reliable. 

Now, let’s quickly understand how to enter in the stock market. 

How to Enter into Stock Market for Beginners?

Whenever a question like how to enter into the stock market appears, the majority of the people believe that having a pan card, Aadhar card, or registering with a stockbroker and getting a demat account is the right way to enter into the stock market. 

However, it’s not true! 

That’s not the accurate way of describing how to enter into the stock market rather it’s mere requirements before entering the Stock Market. 

Let’s understand it with the help of a story:-

Sushma wishes to hold a post-graduation degree from the local university. To achieve the same, she applies for the desired degree on the University’s official website. 

Surprisingly, she got accepted! 

Now, before joining the classes and choosing her desired programs or let’s say the best stock market courses she brought a pen, bag, and a few notes. 

Here, the pen, bag, and notes are similar to having a demat account or registering with a stockbroker.

The main phase of entry begins when Sushma understands the courses, defines a plan, knows the different programs, buys accurate stock market books, and much more! 

So, we believe that now you might be aware that opening a demat account or having access to the best trading platforms in India, doesn’t help you to successfully enter in the stock market. 

So, how to enter in the stock market? Does it require special tactics? Well, no! 

It simply requires you to follow some of the important and simple steps. These steps can take your stock market journey to the next level and can definitely increase your overall wealth.

So, let’s quickly jump to the answer. 

The solution to how to enter in the stock market is shared in the below key points- 

  1. Start small in chunks
  2. Determine the different investment classes
  3. Understand and learn the investment methodology
  4. Analyze and differentiate a plethora of market sectors
  5. Finally, get to know various types of orders. 

Let’s grasp them one by one in a detailed way. 

⏩ Start Investing Small 

Let’s say you currently received your salary of Rs. 37,000 and you wish to invest the same amount in buying the electronics for your home.

Definitely, you won’t spend the total amount only on the electronics, rather you will keep some for your clothes, food, basic amenities, and some to pay the utility bill and your EMIs. 

Then, you must follow the same strategy while entering in the stock market. Instead of investing all your amount in the market rather spend it in small chunks.

If you have Rs. 30,000 with you, start with Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,000; after your basic requirements are fulfilled. 

Increase the amount as you hold a strong position in the market or increase it when you are well-aware of the stock market processes and different concepts. 

You will be surprised to know that a lot of people search this phrase on Google “can I Invest 100 Rs in Share market?“. And you can assume that a lot of people might be doing that as well.

Thus, it is absolutely okay to start investing small.

⏩ Determine Trading Segment in Stock Market 

Determining the different investment and trading classes is one of the valid reasons how to enter in the stock market. Some people might not even know the difference between stock market and share market, but that’s alright. These things come to senses over a period of time. 

To make a successful entry in the stock market you must learn stock market i.e. know a plethora of trading and investment classes such as equity, derivatives, currency, commodity, NCDs, ETFs, IPO (Initial Public Offering), and a lot more! 

Also you can do NISM Course and give their Exam. NISM full form is Nationa Nistitute of Securities Market, where you learn about the capital market and once you acquire the certificate, you can trade easily in the share market.

Apart from this, you must also be aware of the risk appetites related to a different class, taxations, return rates, liquidity, and market volume, etc. 

Truly said by Warren Buffet that Beware the investment activity that produces applause; the great moves are usually greeted by yawns.

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Remember that each investment class varies from one other and understanding the parameters related to your desired one is highly important. 

For example commodity class is comparatively less volatile than others,  future trading is a riskier class, etc. are some of the parameters that you must be aware of while choosing the right class for your trading. 

⏩ Understanding Investment in Stock Market 

Once your investment goal is set and you know why you are investing in the stock market, you can define your investment methodology or strategy accordingly. 

As Warren Buffet has said- “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”

So you should know what you are doing and also, how you are going to make the investment? 

For example-

If you are investing in the securities market with the goal to save for your future, then you can proceed with the long-term investment technique.

On the other hand, if you wish to join the stock market to earn daily passive income, then it’s better to choose Intraday Trading

So, now you know that all your trading strategy and methodology depends entirely on your goal. Thus with the help of goals based investing research, you can earn a good amount of profits even with moderate regular investment.

Apart from this, some of the profitable investment and trading methodologies include the below-

⏩ Sector Analysis in Stock Market 

Well, if you are here to ask the question- How to enter in the stock market then you must not be amused to know that within an investment class there are different market sectors. 

Having these sectors in the up growing market is key as they give convenience to the traders and investors to effectively allocate the funds in the respective portfolios. 

Making an accurate choice between these inner sectors is important as each sector has a different volatility rate and return rates. 

Generally, there are 11 diverse sectors in the stock market of India which are listed as below-

  • Financials
  • Utilities
  • Real Estate
  • Materials
  • Customer Discretionary
  • Healthcare
  • IT or Informational Technologies
  • Industries
  • Consumer staples
  • Energy
  • Communication 

Each of these sectors has different areas of investment and yields profits of different ranges as the growth in almost every sector is separate. 

Volatility is what frightens an investor or a trader. Having a stable and predictable market with low fluctuations is majorly the preference of a trader or an investor.

⏩ Different Order Types in Stock Market

The final step of finding answers to the question- How to enter in the stock market lies in understanding the different types of orders such as Stop Loss, Stop loss- Market, Limit order, Regular, cover order (CO), bracket order (BO), Regular MIS, CNC and MIS, etc. 

Once you have an idea and complete information on a wide range of order types in the securities market then you can wisely choose the right order that can boost your profitability. 

So, these trading order types help an individual to buy or sell orders when it becomes inefficient and risky due to the market conditions and volatility. 

Closing Thoughts

Undoubtedly, while planning the securities market, many traders and investors have questions like How to enter in the stock market or how stock market works or where to invest in the bull market, and many more. 

While entering in the stock market entirely depends upon your goal, amount, etc but there are certain ways to make this entry successful and profitable. 

If your goals are clear and you have an understanding of the stock market investment classes and sectors then you can clearly make a smooth entry in the stock market.

Through the above five answers in response to how to enter in the stock market, it’s quite simple and easy to widen your trading area and earn maximum profits. 

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