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Hey, have you heard of Muhurat Trading 2021? Well now that Diwali season is almost here, traders and investors are all hyped about the top sector for Muhurat Trading 2021. 

Top Sectors For Muhurat Trading 2021

Well, this year the Banking Sector is likely to go bullish considering the past records and their performance over the year. 

Also, a few top sectors for Muhurat Trading like Aviation, consumer durables, hotels, multiplexes, and real estate sectors are going to perform well in H2FY2022 due to reopening post-COVID-19 which will lead to a boost in demand during the festive season.

With the growing digitization of the automobile sector along with the IT sector, stocks might bounce back to the growing levels as that of the pre-COVID scenario.

With higher government spending on infrastructure projects, cement demand is slowly rising, thus these stocks might show some profit earning opportunities for traders and investors during Muhurat trading.

Not to forget the pharmaceutical sector, to prevent the third wave vaccination has picked up pace in the past few months and so the demand for more injections has increased, leading to price hike in pharma stocks. 

Muhurat Trading Timing

The word is spread across the nation about Shubh Muhurat for this year’s beginning of Samvat- The Hindu New Year. From 06:15 pm to 07:15 PM traders will be able to invest or trade as the market will open during this one hour.

And this practice started by BSE in 1957, holds a special place in the hearts of these stock market players, which is called the MUHURAT TRADING! For they believe trading during Lakshmi Pujan brings wealth and prosperity in life. 

After this holy introduction don’t you wanna know the top Muhurat Picks for 2021?

Here we go, 

Stocks For Muhurat Trading 

Still thinking is Muhurat Trading profitable, then here is the data from the previous year.

Last year, on this day, during Muhurat Trading SENSEX reported an all-time hike of 145 points which was indeed a record-setting, although NSE closed below 12,800. 

In general, during this time the market is expected to go bullish and so to book profits long term and short term traders and investors try to pick the most profitable and volatile stocks.

Here are a few stocks recommended by an infamous hybrid stockbroker- Angel One:


Thus from the table, you can get a brief idea of top sector for Muhurat Trading that you might focus on for the to plan your investment strategy.

And hence, the Banking Sector is likely to go bullish considering the past records and their performance over the year. Next, you can also keep an eye on the majorly Automobile sector along with the IT sector.


Thus, if you are looking to bring Goddess Lakshmi home, you might want to go for fundamentally strong stocks in the mentioned sectors to get you a good return. 

And if you are only focusing more on short-term profits, then more volatile stocks could be your choice. In any case do not forget to use STOP LOSS, for a single rumor in this festive mood enthusiasm could manipulate the price momentum.

Now go and prepare yourself for a Happy and Profitable Diwali!

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