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The Word Nifty 50 is a market index established by the National Stock Exchange. The term was coined on 21st April 1996 by NSE. Wondering about the stocks in the index, here is the complete review of Nifty 50 Companies List 2021. 

The Nifty 50 companies list comprises the top 50 companies of 14 different sectors. This helps the investors to easily track the market performance of the largest cap companies. 

How these companies’ list actually helps?

Currently, there are around 1600 listed companies but not all the companies can give you a good return on investment. To make the choice easy, the Nifty 50 enlist the top 50 companies performing overall well as compared to its peers.

There are other indices as well like Nifty IT, Nifty Pharma, Nifty Bank, etc.

Nifty 50 List of Companies

The latest list of the Nifty 50 companies 2021 is here. The companies are from various sectors including banking, financial, telecom, automobile etc.


This list of Nifty 50 companies will give you an idea of different parameters like:

  • Overall performance of the sector
  • The momentum of the stocks
  • The current trend of the market. 

In simple terms, Nifty 50 is the benchmark index that helps investors in tracking the behavior of top 50 blue-chip companies on the basis of market capitalization.

Nifty Midcap 50 Companies List 2021

Along with Nifty 50, there are many other indices in the market, that help in tracking the performance of companies in different sectors. Of these Nifty Midcap 50 enlist the companies that help in capturing the movement of the midcap segment of the market.

These companies are the top 50 companies of the midcap segment of which derivatives contracts are available in the NSE. In case, there are less than 50 companies with the derivatives contract, then the list could be less than 50 stocks in the index.

The Nifty Midcap 50 Companies list of 2021 consists of the top 20 companies that fulfill the mentioned criteria.


Nifty Smallcap 50 Companies List 2021

Next on the list is the Nifty Smallcap 50 companies list. The Nifty Smallcap 50 index is used to capture the movement of the smallcap segment of the market. The list consists of the top 50 companies that are selected on the basis of the average turnover from the top 100 companies that are selected on the basis of full market capitalization in the Nifty Smallcap 250 index.


With the Nifty 50 Companies list, you can sort the best companies with a different market capitalization that can give you a good return on investment. So on the basis of your risk appetite select the top most companies in different sectors and start investing smartly.

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