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What makes successful investors different from the rest? Well, it is their strategies and ways to plan investment. Right? So, why stay behind, here are the smart solutions for smart investors that help you in maximizing your returns and in gaining high returns.

4 Ways of Investing Smartly in Share Market 

Share market demands the right knowledge, patience, and the power of making decisions at the right time. Choosing the smarter ways right from the beginning can help you in meeting your goals seamlessly.

Let’s have a look at the 4 major ways that help you in planning smart investment in the Indian stock market.

1. Taking a Look at Financial Markets Today

 The financial markets have, over the past few decades, expanded in leaps and bounds and presently offer investors and traders alike a ton of new financial products that can be used to make investments and trades.

Unlike the past, these offerings are available to the masses with ease, however, owing to the fact that there exist so many financial products, it is possible to get overwhelmed and be confused with regards to what is appropriate for you. Take a look at the smart solutions provided below to make a smart investment.

2. Learn About the Stock Markets on Angel One’s Knowledge Centre

 In order to be able to adequately navigate the stock markets, consider visiting the Knowledge Centre brought forth by Angel One.

This platform makes available information that is broken up into different modules that shed light on varied concepts pertaining to investments along with terms, strategies, and practices to consider implementing.

What makes this offering stand out is the fact that it is free, and that information is conveyed using simple language. 

 With this knowledge up your sleeve, you as an investor or trader can learn how to navigate financial products ranging from IPO and the derivative market to commodities trading and the share market.

One of the key features of the Knowledge Centre is the research articles made available to users that employ fundamental as well as technical research in order to analyze companies and assess their value.  

3. Invest Smartly with ARQ Prime 

 If you happen to be interested in investing in stocks but are uncertain of which stocks to select, Angel One has got you covered. The ARQ Prime1 application allows users to take advantage of the smart beta technology utilized in the rule-based investment engine.

This engine recommends value, growth, high momentum, and quality stocks without being influenced by human emotions. 

4. Note News Relevant to your Financial Holdings with Smart Buzz 

 An important aspect of successfully making your way through differing financial products is understanding the news that impacts and influences them with an aim to operate ahead of the curve.

This offering allows you to stay abreast of news pertaining to the stock market in 60 seconds. Simply declutter your newsfeed by setting up a customized watchlist that keeps tabs on companies and sectors that interest you and track stocks that you would like to be aware of.

By consuming this information in a mindful manner, you are better prepared to tackle the financial markets and can better focus on financial assets that interest you.

 Wrapping Up 

Steps taken towards making educated, informed and well-researched decisions pertaining to financial assets help set apart smart investors.

While this article has only taken into account three smart products that make the life of an investor and trader simpler, there exists a host of these solutions that can be looked at in greater detail on the Angel One website today.

These smart products include but aren’t limited to Smart Buzz, SmartAPI, Smart Money, and Insta Trade2 among others.


1. ARQ is not an exchange approved product and any dispute related to this will not be dealt with on the exchange platform
2. These are not exchange-traded products any dispute would not have access to exchange investor Redressal Forum or Arbitration mechanism

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