IIFL Securities is the trustworthy full-time stockbroker that offers great brokerage services with complete guidance and investment ideas to its customer. To make trading easy, IIFL App is being introduced that helps beginners and experienced traders to trade like a PRO.

IIFL App is available for mobile phones and PC and gives easy access to the trader to grab the best available market information.

The list of apps provided by IIFL to the clients is very long. These apps help the users to access their accounts without any problem and without visiting the IIFL branch for the same.

Here we are with the complete detail of the IIFL Apps and its features. Grab the full detail and experience it without delay.

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IIFL App Review

India Infolines (IIFL) offers various types of apps to help their clients in different fields. These apps help their clients to access their account from anywhere and at any time without any obstacle.

So, it is worth noting that if you are already a client of the broker i.e you have your IIFL Demat Account or Trading Account, you should have an idea of all the apps provided by the company.

If you miss it, you will have to go through the traditional and tough process to know about the situation of your account.

And if you are not a client of IIFL then you should look into the apps discussed below to experience hassle-free transactions.

Now, we are going to discuss the IIFL Apps in detail so that you get a clear idea of all the apps provided by the broker. So, let’s start our discussion with the apps provided by IIFL for PC and Mobile.

You have bought shares In your Demat Account, and want to sell them now. But don’t know how to sell Delivery shares in IIFL. Don’t worry, IIFL App provides this benefit to you.

IIFL App for PC

IIFL offers IIFL App for the PC. The full-service stockbroker has developed a platform that is helpful for the windows users. The application supports Windows (98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10).

As a terminal trader or user, you will be required to download and install the application/software on your computer

Features of IIFL App for PC

  • Real-time accurate market watch rates update.
  • Easy user-interface.Order placement in one click.
  • Global Buy/sell windows.
  • Fast, confirmed, & accurate order execution.
  • Secured authentication.
  • Market analyzer facility to help the clients to know the current situation of the market.
  • Avail data for the fundamental and technical analysis of stocks.

Here are the IIFL Apps and Software created specifically to offer you great trading experience in IIFL Equity, IIFL Commodity, IIFL Mutual Fund, Futures and Options and lot more on your PC. 

  • IIFL TTWeb
  • IIFL TT.Exe
  • IIFL TTIris

Also,  If you are keenly interested in Derivatives and want to trade in futures then know about IIFL Futures Brokerage.


IIFL Trading Terminal is a unique trading system offered by the full-service stockbroker. It is designed in such a way that a trader can trade on any computer or phone with a web browser. IIFL TTWeb has almost all the features needed for a casual trader to frequent trader.

If a client gets a well-managed platform to do trading then the result of good transactions can be seen at the end of the trading day.

Following are the features of the new trading platform provided by the broker:

  • The platform is designed for the better performance of a trader.
  • The Buy/Sell windows of the App are so good that there remains no confusion while placing the order of any side.
  • One can easily use the trading terminal as it has easy to use interface.
  • The market watch of the Trading Terminal shows the real-time market rates updates. It helps the client to place orders accurately.
  • Helps in fast and confirmed order execution.
  • Offers secured authentication.

One can easily download IIFL TTWeb for fast, accurate, and confirmed order execution to make trading easy and enjoyable.


IIFL provides the best stock market decision-making software for the clients named IIFL TTIris. The software is useful for you if you want to make self-decision about your investment or trading in the stock market.

With this app, you can easily track the performance of the market and its movement. Also, it helps you in analyzing the stocks in real-time.

Overall, it helps you constantly making the right trading decision in a day’s market.

It is a third party trading software build by spider India software. Here are the top features of TTIris App.

  • It provides you the right opportunity to track the cash and F&O market.
  • Advanced technical analysis of stocks and charting tools. Charting features and quality matches the best charting software available in the world today.
  • Black schools option calculator available.
  • Creating testing & strategy in a group of scrip, study, and portfolio optimization.


IIFL TT.Exe is a trader terminal platform for the client who uses windows. It is specially designed for High volume traders and offers you great trade experience.

It has the fastest order execution speed. It gives the facility to trade across the segment of the stock market like cash, mutual funds, derivatives, currencies, IPOs, and commodities all in one screen.

Following are the features of IIFL TT.Exe:

  • You can see a real-time accurate market watch that will help you in taking the right trading action.
  • Buy/sell windows are separate to help you in placing the order on the correct side.
  • User-friendly app.
  • Order executes very fast and accurately in line with the market.

IIFL Mobile App

The mobile app offered by the full-service stockbroker IIFL is one of the best mobile apps in the country. The IIFL mobile App is developed by the in-house team of the company and always upgraded by new features and requirements of the clients.

  • One can easily download the app from Google Play Store and Apple iOS.
  • Great user interface.
  • Loading time is so fast that it does not waste your precious time.
  • Updated frequently according to customers’ needs.
  • You can easily check the updated version.
  • In case of any problem, one can easily call the customer service support center.

If you are the client of IIFL then you are in the best place. The Demat Account and Trading account with IIFL ensures that you can access the next-generation online trading platform. Thus you can reap the benefit of Mobile app if you have an IIFL Free Demat Account.

Willing to open a Demat account.

Open Free Demat Account
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As a client of IIFL, you can enjoy real-time market updates at the national level and globally, you can easily get information related to IPOs, price alerts, NFO details, company’s announcements, economic news, and many more.

Here is the list of trading and service platforms provided by IIFL.

  • IIFL Market Mobile App
  • IIFL Mutual fund App

IIFL Markets Mobile App

IIFL Market App is one of the top grade Market App in India. The App is best for the live market update and news related to the stock market. The ZEE Business news has awarded IIFL Market App for the best market App.

IIFL Market App helps the stockbroking clients for instant trading and also offers comprehensive features to the guest users with the help of single OTP.

The App is developed by the in-house team of the company so they updated the app when any new update comes in the market or with the new features according to the requirements of the clients.

If you are the one who wants to work with the IIFL Market App, then you can easily download it through Google play store & Apple iOS.

Some important features of the IIFL Market App are:

  • Fast and accurate update on market developments.
  • Detailed research reports are available on Fundamental and Technical Analysis by IIFL Research team.
  • Portfolio tracking and educational videos to help traders.
  • News related to BSE Sensex, Nifty, MCX, NCDEX.
  • An overall analysis of companies, industry, and economic news and its effect.
  • Detailed information about every company’s financials is available like key ratios, financial position, cash flow, profit and loss account, etc.
  • Derivatives related information related to trading in Options & Future.

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IIFL App for Mutual Funds

IIFL Mutual Fund App is another amazing mobile app in the market. The App is the best place for smart mutual fund investors. A client can easily know anything about their mutual fund investment and at anywhere.

We can say, IIFL Mutual fund app is a one-stop-shop for the clients who invest in IIFL mutual fund schemes.

One can easily start instant SIP, buy/sell through internet banking or debit card. You can track and monitor the performance of your mutual fund without any problem.

If you want to take a test of the IIFL MF App, you can easily log in as a Guest user and subsequently open the account through Aadhar or PAN card. It is absolutely a paperless process.

The App has 600+ active users per day with over 1,00,000 downloads and a rating of 4.00.

Some important features of IIFL Mutual Fund App are:

  • E-mandate: Instant & Paperless SIP registration process through Aadhar or PAN.
  • Tax Planning: You can plan your taxes by investing in ELSS tax saving fund.
  • Portfolio: You can track your portfolio, buy or redeem the existing.
  • Ease of transactions: Quick transaction process.
  • Recommended funds: Offers research-based schemes across equity, debt, Tax savings & Hybrid categories.
  • Research & information: You can get real, up-to-date industry-based news, analysis reports,
  • Expert advice from leading Mutual fund houses (AMCs).

So, go with IIFL MF mobile App to invest and/or track your fund. You can use the play store or App Store to download the App.

IIFL App Download

Now, we are going to discuss the IIFL App download. Here will discuss App download information about both the mobile app and the PC app. So, let’s start our discussion:

IIFL Mobile App Download

IIFL Mobile App is the highest downloaded app in the country. The App is rated 4.4 by 13500+ users on Google play store.

  • Android users- 1,100,000
  • iPhone users- 1,50,000
  • iPad users- 60,000

IIFL TTWeb Download

IIFL TTWeb is famous among the market traders. The software is designed for PC users. It works on Windows 98, 2000, 2003, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7. It works on .NET VERSION 4.0. This only works on the popular version like Mozilla and Firefox. The App is rated 4.00 by the users.

IIFL TT.Exe Download

The IIFL TT.Exe is Installable trading software for PC. The windows version of the software is usually supportable but the version may differ sometimes. The average rating given by the users for the app is 4.00.

IIFL TTIris Download

A third party software available on a yearly fee of Rs.54, 000. The overall rating of the App is 4.3. The App is suitable for windows. It is a web-based app suitable for the stock market researcher and traders.

How to use IIFL Market App?

It is very important to know about the use of an App. Only to know about the application and its features are meaningless unless you don’t know how to use it.

IIFL App is very popular among the stock market traders. It means its use is also not tough otherwise its popularity will decline.

To use the IIFL App, you will have to follow the following five steps:

  • Download & install the required IIFL App on your handset or PC.
  • Enter the mobile number in the guest access option.
  • Now, enter the one-time password (OTP) sent on your mobile by IIFL.
  • You can now be logged in into your account.
  • Finally, you can create your watch list and track the portfolio.


IIFL App is very popular among the market players today. The broker provides apps for almost every field of clients whether he/she wants to invest in the stock market or mutual fund.

IIFL App is the only app available in the market that helps the traders/researchers to get free research reports of the top 500 BSE/NSE listed companies.

A client gets free access to the comprehensive research reports related to the company/sector/industry.

These apps are user friendly and are available for both mobile and PC users.

So, if you are the one who is still searching for the best market apps, you can choose the IIFL App without hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many apps are offered by IIFL to the clients related to investment?

Almost five different Apps are available in the market for investment and trading by IIFL.

2. Does the IIFL app include a mobile app for trading?

Yes, IIFL offers mobile trading app also.

3. Does the trading app provided by IIFL offer an advance chart facility?

Yes, IIFL App includes an advanced charting facility also to help the traders in making the right trading decision.

4. Is the IIFL App available for mobile and PC users?

Yes, both types of users can use the IIFL App.

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