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IIFL Securities is seen as one of the dependable names in the stockbroking space in India. However, there are clients who do not get the expected service at times. Here in this quick review, we will talk about the IIFL Complaints over the years and the nature of those complaints.
But first, let’s try to learn about this broker a bit.
IIFL or India Infoline is a full-service stockbroker in India and is known for its research, offline presence through sub-brokers and franchise offices to go along with quick customer service. IIFL or India Infoline charges relatively high brokerage charges.
You can check this detailed IIFL Brokerage Calculator for reference.
As per the latest records of National Stock Exchange or NSE, IIFL has an active client base of 2,02,782.

IIFL Complaints Info

Here is a quick snap-shot of the complaints raised by its client base over the last few years along with the number of complaints resolved by the broker in each financial year.

As shown above, this is the break up of the complaints received by the broker and resolved at the same time.
  • For the year 2015, IIFL complaints were 447 and it was able to resolve 100% of the complaints.
  • For the year 2016, IIFL complaints were 220 and it was able to resolve 99% of the complaints while a small percentage of complaints were left to be resolved.
  • For the year 2017, IIFL complaints were 139 and it was able to resolve 100% of the complaints.
  • For the year 2018, IIFL complaints were 138 and it was able to resolve 100% of the complaints.
  • For the year 2019-20, IIFL complaints are 72 and it has been able to resolve 86.5% of the complaints while 11 complaints are still to be resolved.

IIFL complaints Email

If you wish to place a complaint against any of the services of IIFL, we would suggest you reach out to the stockbroker first at:


If your concern is still not resolved, can get in touch with any of the exchange. For eg.

BSE: mahesh.ghadi@bseindia.com

NSE: nseiscmum@nse.co.in

Lastly, if the issue is still not resolved as per your expectations, you can even get in touch with SEBI as well.


IIFL complaints Status

If you wish to know the status of your complaint, depending on the party you have raised the complaint to, you can send a gentle reminder.

However, if a party fails to respond, then you can forward that email to the next party in the chain for a quicker response.

IIFL complaints Vs Industry

When it comes to comparing India Infoline with the Industry Average in terms of the number of complaints per 10,000 clients, then this is how the broker stands against the industry average:
In other words, India Infoline gets around half the complaints as far as Industry standards are concerned with India Infoline getting complaints from 0.06% of its active client base while the Industry average is 0.11%.
If you have had any good or bad experiences with the broker, feel free to share in the comments section below and help your fellow traders to make a decision to go ahead with India Infoline as a stockbroker or no.

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