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IIFL Securities is the full-service broker known for offering the best services in the both retail and institutional levels. To offer the best experience it offers various trading platforms or IIFL Apps. Among different options, IIFL TTIris is the one that gives traders and investors the power to analyze the stock deeply.

Along with other apps like IIFL Markets and IIFL Trader Terminal here we will discuss all the TTIris platforms of IIFL in detail and help you know how you can reap the best benefits of using this app.

This software is introduced by the broker in association with the Spider Software India. It helps you with the decision-making process and in making investment decisions.

There is not a single reason to choose this app by the clients, but there are many reasons which make it the number one choice for the traders.

Let’s try to understand the features and uses of the application to get the maximum return from the stock market trading/investment.

Now, we will start our discussion with the review, features, uses, and some other important points related to IIFL TTIris.

IIFL TTIris Review

IIFL TTIris is one of the best apps provided by the broker IIFL to the traders. If a trader/ investor wants to track the stock market and analyze the market movement then the app is best for him.  A client can easily take trading or investment decision based on IIFL TTIris.

The IIFL TTIris app is useful to analyze the market in real-time and in tracking the market movement that helps investors in making investment decisions like a PRO.

The unique feature of the IIFL TTIris app is to track the scrip listed in the equity and F&O to find the best investment opportunity in the market. If you are the one who is confused about selecting the right stocks for your investment portfolio then you are at the right place.

The decision-making software IIFL TTIris is one of the most downloaded trading terminal apps in India. The high-performance of the app attracts more and more users and ultimately it helps to get 4 ratings based on customer review.

IIFL TTIris Features

Here we are going to discuss some of the important features of IIFL TTIris software when you will go to use the application:

  • Customized Charting: One of the best features of IIFLIris is its Customized charting offering to the clients. With the help of this feature, one can easily get charts of any stock for any time duration such as daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, yearly, etc. NSE CM & NSE FUTURES stock’s charts are available in this app.
  • Indicators/Oscillators: Indicators are used by technical analysts to identify the momentum, direction, Trends, and Volatility of a security in which they look to invest or trade.

But, only Indicators are not very useful unless it is used with other forms of technical analysis. Only after that one can maximize the profit. Different types of indicators like bands, momentum, average and volume-based indicators are available within the app IIFL TTIris.

  • Derivative Trader: This feature of the software is mainly for the derivative trader
  • Many market queries and market summary at a time: With the help of this option, one can view the F&O for multiple times. 
  • Black Scholes option calculator: If you want to calculate Greek value like Gamma, Theta, Vega, Implied volatility, Strike price, etc then this option is useful for you.
  • Price watch, Event Tracker, Multiple Tick Query: It helps in tracking buy/sell signals and momentum of the stock simultaneously.
  • Query and scanner/Filtration: All kind of technical queries can be found on different time duration like weekly, monthly, yearly in this part of the software.

It is easy for you to search a stock matching to your technical strategies.

  • Portfolio optimization and strategy testing: One can easily create a strategy and test it on a group of scrip. Helps in optimizing every parameter to get maximum profit.

All above are not the only features of IIFL TTIris, but apart from this a lot is there for the traders/investors such as:

  • Price watch: Displays the price of a selected group of stocks just like in BOLT/NEAT for a quick comparison of up and down in price.
  • Bhav copy: You can get 52-week high or 52-week low report for any stock in a single click.
  • Candlestick scanner: Helpful for the technical analysts as it helps in analysis of a stock with the help of candlestick technique.
  • Market Tools: Some market tools like retracement and Extensions helps to identify the right stock with the help of support & Resistance.

IIFL TTIris Charges

While deciding to use any software, you must have an idea about the charges you will have to pay for that.

So, if you want to use IIFL TTIris for your trading/investing decision, you must know that you will have to pay the annual charge of Rs.54,000.

But, if you open a IIFL Demat Account or Trading Account, you will get one-week free trial of the software plus a good discount on yearly subscription charge as well.

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IIFL TTIris Advantages

Following are the main advantages of IIFL TTIris

  • Offers charting facility to the technical analysts.
  •  52-week high and 52-week low value of a stock is available to analyze the movement of a stock.
  • One can find the stock based on the strategy he/she created.

IIFL TTIris Disadvantages

Apart from major benefits the trading platform also has drawbacks as well. Here are some of the highlighted disadvantages of the app. 

  • High subscription amount is the main and the only disadvantage of the software IIFL TTIris
  • High subscription amount is the main disadvantage of the software IIFL TTIris.
  • Charting of stocks is available only for NSE listed stocks.
  • App focuses mainly on the technical analysis of stocks.


The IIFL TTIris is one of the best apps offered by the broker. It helps the traders a lot in tracking the market movement and analyzing the stock market in order to take the correct investing decision.

The feature of the app is equally matched with the best charting software available all over the country.

Hence, if you are the one who wants to trade in the stock market with a bit more confidence then IIFL TTIris is the best app for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is IIFL TTIris chargeable?

Yes, the app is chargeable. You will be required to pay a yearly subscription amount of Rs.54,000.

2. What is the main advantage of IIFL TTIris?

The main advantage of the app is its customized charting facility of stocks that helps the traders in taking the right trading decision.

3. Who can get the benefit of IIFL TTIris?

A technical analyst can get the maximum benefit of IIFL TTIris app.

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